Cobb Charolais 51st Spring Bull Sale |

Cobb Charolais 51st Spring Bull Sale

Repeat customers Fleharty Land & Livestock, Grass Range, Montana

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 18, 2020

Location: Western Livestock Auction, Great Falls, Montana

Auctioneer: Dennis Metzger


115 Yearling Bulls – $3,074

The Cobb family has a long history of raising and selling some of the finest Linebred Consistent Charolais Cattle in the world , April 18, 2020 was no exception as they offered a powerful set of bulls at the 51st Annual Cobb Charolais Spring Sale. Congratulations to the Cobb family and everyone involved on a great sale!

Lot 28 at $7,500, G121 POLL, DOB 3/21/19, ABC CISCO 1 C243 x ABC UNIDAD SHARON 2 Z106, Sold to Romans Ranches, Harper, OR

Lot 78 at $7,000, G156, DOB 3/24/19, ABC YNOCENCIO Y153 x ABC MAJA RIOBERNICE T853, Sold to Romans Ranches, Harper, OR

Lot 22 at $6,750, G270, DOB 3/31/19, ABC AQUILINO A424 x ABC SALIENTE FRANCESA A235, Sold to Gary Olson, Woonsocket, SD

Lot 11 at $6,500, G206, DOB 3/27/19, ABC AQUILINO A424 x ABC MAJA ASTRELICE W804, Sold to Four Seasons Livestock, Henefer, UT

Lot 16 at $6,500, G248 POLL, DOB 3/30/19, ABC YOEL Y214 x ABC UNIDAD ANNA Z814, Sold to Mike Trotters, Richey, Montana

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