Cobb Charolais 52nd Annual Spring Bull Sale |

Cobb Charolais 52nd Annual Spring Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 17, 2021


Location: Western Livestock Auction-Great Falls, Montana

Auctioneer: Dennis Metzger


108 Bulls – $3,944

Cobb Charolais ‘Montana’s Original Charolais Ranch’ held their 52nd Annual Spring Bull Sale, Saturday April 17, 2021 at Western Livestock Auction-Great Falls, Montana. John and Mike Cobb, along with family, carry on the long tradition of linebreeding Charolais cattle that continue to produce predictable and uniform progeny for their customers. Congratulations on a great sale

Lot 35 at $12,000, HO27 POLLED, 3/5/20, ABC DARIO D011 x ABC YNOCENIO, Sold to Skogen Livestock, Fort Shaw, Montana.

Lot 80 at $8,500, H005, 2/24/20, LT RUSHMORE 6033 x ABC EL BELLO B042, Sold to Michelle Ayoub, Chico, Texas.

Lot 58 at $7,750, H367 POLLED, 4/15/20, ABC EL FIESTA F430 x ABC EXQUISITO X334, Sold to Bruce Neumann, Geyser, Montana.

Lot 23 at $7,000, H014, 3/2/20, ABC MAXIMO TORO LEGADO x ABC DAMIAN D361, Sold to Mike Trotter, Richey, Montana.

3 other bulls left the ring at $6,500 each.

A customer studies the bulls as they walk through the ring.

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