Connealy Angus Ranch |

Connealy Angus Ranch

Connealy Angus Bull Sale Whitman, NE.

TSLN Rep: Drew Feller

Date of Sale: Nov. 25, 2019

Location: Whitman, NE

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins; Greg Goggins


68 Older Bulls – $9,919

207 Yearling Bulls – $7,623

Lot 50 at $45,000 was Connealy Capitalist 557P, DOB: 7/27/2018, Sired by LD Capitalist 316; MGS: Plattemere Weigh Up K360. He sold to Vermilion Ranch Billings, MT.

Lot 246 at $40,000 was Connealy Concord 5473, DOB: 1/28/2018, Sired by Connealy Concord; MGS: Connealy Confidence Plus. He sold to Beef 360 Brookfield, MO and Mead Farms Barnett, MO.

Lot 37 at $40,000 was Connealy National 654K, DOB: 7/22/2018, Sired by Connealy National 390C; MGS: S A V Resource 1441. He sold to CRV USA Madison, WI.

Lot 24 at $30,000 was Connealy Payraise 673N, DOB: 7/18/2018, Sired by Connealy Payraise; MGS: Vision Unanimous 1418. He sold to Grimmius Cattle Company Hanford, CA.

Lot 228 at $30,000 was Connealy Niagara 3371, DOB: 1/20/2018, Sired by SS Niagara Z29; MGS: Connealy Heat 0243. He sold to McNeil Angus Cushing, OK.

Lot 44 at $26,500 was Connealy Capitalist 533T, DOB: 8/2/2018, Sired by LD Capitalist 316; MGS: Connealy Uptown 098E. He sold to Tommy and Melanie Dinwiddie Capitan, NM.

Lot 17 at $20,000 was Connealy Payraise 624H, DOB: 7/15/2018, Sired by Connealy Payraise; MGS: Rito 9Q20 or Rita 5F56 GHM. He sold to Alta Genetics Balzac, AB.

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