Cooper Hereford Ranch 54th Annual Production Sale

Cattlemen studying the catalog closely.

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: March 10, 2020

Location: At the Ranch 1/2 Mile South of Willow Creek, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


79 Yearling Bulls – $10,636

13 Bred Cows – $5,654

24 Yearling Heifers – $3,463

The Cooper family have been raising Line 1 Hereford Cattle for over 70 years. Mark and Cristy Cooper, along with family, continue to carry on the tradition and held the 54th Annual Cooper Hereford Ranch Production Sale, March 10, 2020, at the Ranch 1/2 mile South of Willow Creek, Montana. The program was built around “well balanced cattle that calve easily, gain well and adapt and perform in ALL environments.” Congratulations to the Coopers and their family on a great sale!

Lot 942 at $60,000, CL1 DOMINO 942G 1ET, DOB 1/11/19, CL1 DOMINO 7131E 1ET x CL1 DOMINETTE 664D 1ET, Sold to Stuber Ranch, Bowman, North Dakota, Van Newkirk Herefords, Oshkosh, Nebraska, Churchill Cattle Company, Manhattan, Montana & Genoa Livestock, Minden, Nevada.

Lot 993 at $55,000, CL1 DOMINO 993G 1ET, DOB 1/17/19, CL 1 DOMINO 7131E 1ET x CL 1 DOMINETTE 475P, Sold to Stuber Ranch, Bowman, North Dakota & Van Newkirk Herefords, Oshkosh, Nebraska.

Lot 9108 at $45,000, CL 1 DOMINO 9108G 1ET, DOB 1/18/19, HH ADVANCE 7156E ET x CL 1 DOMINETTE 9184W, Sold to L-W Cattle Company, Absarokee, Montana & Johansen Herefords, Castle Dale, Utah.

Lot 9181 at $27,500, CL 1 DOMINO 9181G 1ET, DOB 2/4/19, CL 1 DOMINO 710 1ET x MONTANA MISS 1179Y, Sold to Harrell Hereford Ranch, Baker City, Oregon.

Lot 9135 at $25,000, CL 1 DOMINO 9135G, DOB 1/21/19, HH ADVANCE 7156E ET x CL1 DOMINETTE 456B 1ET, Sold to Lowell Fisher Family Herefords, Spencer, Nebraska & Berry Hereford Ranch, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Lot 992 at $22,500, CL 1 DOMINO 992G 1ET, DOB 1/17/19, CL 1 DOMINO 7131E 1ET x HH MISS ADVANCE 9119W, Sold to Pfluger Herefords, San Angelo, Texas.

Top Bred Cows:

Lot 7174 at $8,500, CL 1 DOMINETTE 7174E 1ET, DOB 1/30/17, CL 1 DOMINO 215Z x CL 1 DOMINETTE 1146Y, Sold to Kevin Dietz, Beach, North Dakota

Lot 707 at $8,500, 707E CL 1 DOMINETTE 707E 1ET, DOB 1/6/17, CL 1 DOMINO 215Z x CL 1 DOMINETTE 160Y 1ET, Sold to Bauer Herefords, Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Top Yearling Heifer:

Lot 9107 at $8,500, CL 1 DOMINETTE 9107G 1ET, DOB 1/18/19, CL 1 DOMINO 7131E 1ET x CL DOMINETTE 9140W 1ET, Sold to Loehr Hereford Farm, Peoria, Illinois