Cross Diamond Red Angus Sale Report |

Cross Diamond Red Angus Sale Report

Date: Dec. 14, 2015

Location: Sale at the Ranch, Bertrand, Neb.

Auctioneers: Jim Birdwell and Joel Birdwell

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


246 Red Angus coming two-year-old bulls………… $7,621

317 Commercial bred heifers…………………………….$2,577

49 Commercial open heifer calves……………………..$1,485

1 ranch broke horse………………………………………….$5,000

Sunny skies and warm December temperatures greeted bidders and buyers from 21 states at the annual Cross Diamond Cattle Company sale on Dec. 14. The Cross Diamond crew and guest consignors provided a stout group of Red Angus age-advantaged coming two-year-old bulls and commercial heifers for their customers. The hospitality was first-rate for the annual event as the holiday spirit and Red Angus optimism ran high.

Many young people were in the crowd, anxiously awaiting the drawing for the first annual Cross Diamond Ag Youth Initiative, where the name of a youth aged five to eighteen years was drawn to win a bred heifer. Justin Miller of Broken Bow, Neb. was the happy recipient of the bred heifer. Fifty-six youngsters entered the drawing, which bodes well for the future of the cattle industry.

Top sellers:

Lot 4, Crs Diamnd Unique 4118, a thick, deep, bold-ribbed bull was the high seller at $46,000 to Right On Cattle Company, Bertrand, Neb.

Lot 1, Crs Diamnd Landslide 416, a well-rounded P707 grandson with stand-out calving ease and carcass traits, was also purchased by Right On Cattle Company for $26,000. Also purchased by Right On Cattle Company was Lot 6, Crs Diamnd Compass 4044, a Trend Setter 71S6 son from an Epic R522 daughter for $23,000.

Lot 5, Crs Diamnd Elevator 446, a North 218 son from a Tradition cow was sold to Gilroy Land and Cattle, Dalton, Neb. for $30,000.

Lot 2, Crs Diamnd Cascade 486, a grandson of Packer and Epic R522 also caught the eye of Gilroy Land and Cattle and sold for $25,000.

Lot 94, Crs Diamnd Karat 4246, a Drover 0308X son from a Peerless daughter sold for $22,000. This sharp-looking, calving ease bull was purchased by Johnson Cattle, Fairfield, Tex.

Lot 115, Crs Diamnd Landslide 4052, a multi-trait leading calving ease bull was purchased for $17,500 by Beene and Eubanks Cattle, Teague, Tex.

Lot 40, Crs Diamnd Granite 4177, a son of 5L Hard Rock 09X is a bold-ribbed, deep-sided bull with great capacity who was purchased by Jager Farms, Hazard, Neb. for $17,000.

Lot 12, Crs Diamnd Landslide 4043, another well-rounded P707 grandson sold for $16,000 to Adolph Red Angus and Freedom Hills Farms, Mt. Carroll, Ill. and Dean and Lynnette Groezinger, Elizabeth, Ill.

Volume bull buyers were LeBlanc Cattle Company, Sugarland, Tex.; Julia Stafford, Cimarron, N.M. and Rapid Creek Ranch, Ken Wilson, Belvidere, So. Dak. Volume heifer buyers were Bill Bigbee, Broken Bow, Neb.; Reed McClymont, Holdrege, Neb. and Conn Pierson, Arcadia, Neb.

Sale report from Cross Diamond Cattle Co.

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