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CS Angus Ranch Bull Sale


TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: April 15, 2021


Location: Belle Fourche Livestock Market, Belle Fourche, SD

Auctioneer: Jon Millar


44 Yearling Angus Bulls avg. $3,534


CS Angus, Craig and Shelby Weirather, from Newell, SD held their annual bull sale at Belle Fourche Livestock. The Weirthers are relatively new to Western SD but not new to the Angus business. This was a small offering of bulls, but by far the most uniform and consistent set of bulls they have offered to date.

Lot 9, CS Gallatin 0174, 2/27/2020 son of VDAR Gallatin 7586 x CS Legend 6035 to Riley Lesh, Elakaka, MT for $5,250.

Lot 10, CS Gallatin 0016, 2/6/2020 son of VDAR Gallatin 7586 x Vision Unanimous 1418, to Doug Adams, Bringham City, UT for $5,250.

Lot 1, CS Showdown 0007, 2/3/2020 son of VDAR Showdown 7236 x VDAR Black Cedar 2114 to Dobesh Ranch, Belle Fourche, SD for $5,000.

Lot 36, CS Image Maker 0053, 3/1/2020 son of VDAR Black Cedar 260 to Travis Kemph, Pompeys Pillar, MT for $5,000.

Lot 45, CS RKP Chisum 0047, 2/27/2020 son of RKP 255-505 717 x VDAR Black Cedar 2114 to Godfredson Ranch, Newell, SD for $5,000.


Sale host Craig Weirather with Auctioneer, Jon Millar.
Lonnie Hall, Belle Fourche, SD and Monte Snook, Sundance, WY. Snook bought several CS Angus bulls.

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