Currant Creek Angus Ranch Annual Fall Production Sale |

Currant Creek Angus Ranch Annual Fall Production Sale

Sale Date: Dec. 2, 2017

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Location: Roundup, MT

Reported By: Dixon Scott


58 Fall Yearling Bulls Average $5,060

60 Bull Calves Average $4,128

118 Total Bulls Average $4,587

Top Lots :

Lot 65 $9,500 to Dvorak Angus, Lewistown, MT; CCAR Seedstock E413; 3/25/17; SAV Seedstock x Sitz Uncommon.

Lot 2 $8,500 to Dvorak Angus; CCAR Playmaker 6326; 9/28/16; Vermilion Playmaker Y290 x Vermilion Just In Time W123.

Lot 64 $8,500 to 7 Hanging 7 Ranch, Grass Range, MT; CCAR Outside E731; 3/25/17; AAR Outside E731 x New Design 1407.

Lot 8 $8,250 to Lance & Nicole Johnson, Lewistown, MT; CCAR Capitalist 6105; 9/16/16; Diamond Capitalist B013 x VDAR New Day 5127.

3 other bulls left the ring at $7,250 each:

Lot 3 & 9 to Sian Land & Livestock, Pompeys Pillar, MT.

Lot 5 to Bollinger Inc, Angela, MT.

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