Deep Creek Angus 20th Annual Bull Sale |

Deep Creek Angus 20th Annual Bull Sale

Chris Iverson got both bulls and heifers at the Deep Creek Angus sale.

Date: Feb. 26, 2019

Location: Philip Livestock Auction, Philip, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

TSLN reps: Scott Dirk and Dan Piroutek


51 Yearling Angus bulls – $7,652

9 Two Year Old Angus bulls – $5,611

1 Flush – $6,500

10 Registered open heifers – $1,865

Excellent sale for Deep Creek Angus Ranch, TJ and Jeanine Gabriel and family. This was the 20th Annual sale for TJ, starting out with just a handful of bulls, and growing into a very respectable sale offering with top quality bulls that are very well accepted by loyal customers.

In honor of the 20th Annual sale, TJ and Jeanine offered a select group of open heifers right out of the replacement pen and offered the right to flush the donor cow Deep Creek Total Lass 701. The Lass 701 cow has produced 3 high selling bulls and is the grand-dam to another high selling bull that sold in past Deep Creek Angus sales.

Lot 1–$24,000, Deep Creek King of Spades 833, is a 1/18 son of the home raised sire, Deep Creek Doc Holiday selling to Clear Creek Angus, Chinook, MT.

Lot 3–$13,000, Deep Creek Gold Strike 847, a 1/18 son of Raven Jackpot D164 sold to longtime repeat buyer Mickey Simons, Enning, SD.

Lot 10–$11,500, Deep Creek 38 Special 804, a 1/18 son of Baldridge 38 Special to L.B. Haase & Sons, Valentine, NE.

Lot 19–$11,500, Deep Creek 38 Special 807, a 1/18 son of Baldridge 38 Special to Vance Martin, Midland, SD.

Lot 2–$11,000, Deep Creek Windfall 840, a 1/18 son of Raven Jackpot D164 sold to Boyd & Cameron Larson, Spearfish, SD.

Lot 4–$11,000, Deep Creek Steel Shot 802, a 1/18 son of Baldridge 38 Special to Larson Family Trust, Boyd & Cameron Larson.

Lot 6–$11,000, Deep Creek Porterhouse 857, a 1/18 son of Vermilion Huntley sold to Jim Johnson, Quinn, SD.

The flush on the donor cow sold to Duppong Willow Creek Angus, New Salem, ND for $6,500.

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