DeGrand Angus Annual Bull Sale |

DeGrand Angus Annual Bull Sale

The sale was held outdoors at the Fallon County Vet Clinic

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 17, 2020

Location: Fallon County Vetrinary Clinic Baker, Montana

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar


103 Yearling Bulls – $4,191

The DeGrand Angus family has always been committed to raising top quality seed stock for cattlemen and women. On April 17, 2020 the DeGrand Family charged on and carried on that tradition and offered a powerful set of Angus bulls bred and developed to go out and work for their customers. Congratulations to the DeGrand family on a great sale!

Lot 5 at $17,500, DEGRAND 9104 RESOURCE, DOB 3/13/19, SAV RESOURCE 1441 x DAR 4006, Sold to Lucky 7 Angus, Riverton, Wyoming & Honest Heart Partners, MT

Lot 7 at $8,000, DEGRAND 9075 INNOVATION, DOB 3/10/19, MAR INNOVATION 251 x DAR 0107, Sold to Todd Barkley, Baker, Montana

Lot 8 at $8,000, DEGRAND 9165 INNOVATION, DOB 3/19/19, MAR INNOVATION 251 x DAR 9447, Sold to Lucky 7 Angus, Riverton, Wyoming

Lot 4 at $7,250, DEGRAND 9082 SPECIAL FOCUS, DOB 3/10/19, LUCKY 7 SPECIAL FOCUS 214 x DAR 6049, Sold to Cross W Cattle Co. Ekalaka, Montana

Lot 6 at $7,000, DEGRAND 9067 INNOVATION, DOB 3/9/19, MAR INNOVATION 251 x DAR 6082, Sold to Harmon Creek Cattle, Ekalaka, Montana

Lot 29 at $7,000, DEGRAND 9025 HIGH REGARD, DOB 2/22/19, KG HIGH REGARD 2073 x DAR 7076, Sold to David Wolff, Ekalaka, Montana.

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