DeGrand Angus ‘Back to the Basics’ Annual Bull Sale |

DeGrand Angus ‘Back to the Basics’ Annual Bull Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 16, 2021


Location: Fallon County Fair Grounds-Baker, Montana

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar


97 Yearling Angus Bulls – $3,513

Cool Montana Spring weather was on hand for the DeGrand Angus ‘Back to the Basics’ Annual Bull Sale, held April 16, 2021 at the Fallon County Fairgrounds-Baker, Montana. DeGrand Angus is a family run operation focused on raising cattle with a quiet disposition, moderate frames and developed to go out and thrive in Montana’s harsh environments. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 86 at $8,500, DEGRAND 0034 CAPITALIST, DOB 2/23/20, #19999742, LD CAPITALIST 316 x CONNEALY CONSENSUS 7229, Sold to Jay Murnion, Miles City, Montana

Lot 93 at $8,500, DEGRAND 0030 CAPITALIST, DOB 2/22/20, #19999739, LD CAPITALIST 316 x SOO LINE MOTIVE 9016, Sold to Phil and Mary VerWolf, Powderville, Montana

Lot 10 at $8,000, DEGRAND 0050 SUMMITT, DOB 3/2/20, #19999683, ZWT SUMMITT 6507 x LUCKY 7 SPECIAL FOCUS 448, Sold to Wolff Inc. Ekalaka, Montana

Lot 97 at $7,750, DEGRAND 0194 CAPITALIST, DOB 3/21/20, #19999770, LD CAPITALIST 316 x MYTTY IN FOCUS, Sold Bar C Ranch LLC, Baker, Montana

Lot 6 at $6,750, DEGRAND 0215 OUTRIGHT, DOB 3/23/20, #19999708, LUCKY 7 OUTRIGHT 789 x GMAR ONWARD Y006, Sold to Bob Olson, Alzada, Montana

Phil and Mary VerWolf, Powderville, MT.

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