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Eagle Pass Ranch Annual Spring Bull Sale Report 2017

Rob Farlee, Dupree, South Dakota, has been buying Eagle Pass bulls for over 15 years, and this year was no exception, with his purchase of Lot 1 at $9,500.

Sale Summary

Date: Mar. 15, 2017

Location: at the ranch near Highmore, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

TSLN Reps: Dan Piroutek & Chris Effling

Averages: 12 yrlg Angus Bulls ave. $4,688

157 Balancer Bulls ave. $3,799

27 SimAngus Bulls ave. $3,611

196 Total Bulls ave. $3,844

A tremendous crowd was on hand for the Eagle Pass Ranch Annual Spring Bull Sale. Those in attendance were treated to warmer weather, and a great steak fry by Bryan Kroeplin and Company.

Before the sale, Steve Munger with Eagle Pass Ranch, announced that its cattle operations would be merging with LeDoux Ranch, located near Agenda, Kansas. The two operations will consolidate herds, and continue marketing beef genetics at annual production sales from its location near Highmore, South Dakota. LeDoux Ranch is a highly-regarded, and well-recognized breeder of Red Angus and Balancer cattle. Munger noted that the move would allow the two companies to diversify their genetic bases and expand their genetic offerings to a growing customer base.

A larger sale offering than in years past, Eagle Pass Ranch continues to expand its market into new territories. At the end of the day, bulls found new homes in 15 different states throughout the US.

This was the first bull sale in the country that offered buyers the brand new bio-economic index, $Feed Efficiency ($FE), designed to aid customers in identifying and selecting for greater feed efficient genetics. The index was designed by John Genho, Livestock Genetic Specialists, and incorporates over 20,000 individual feed intake records from multiple test stations across the country. In the last 10 years since Eagle Pass Ranch first began individual feed intake testing, they’ve been able to realize over a 25 percent increase in feed conversion across their entire herd.

Topping the sale was Lot 11, a Balancer bull by KCF Y6 and the great Evelynn donor cow that has produced a number of sale toppers in past sales. EGL Game Changer D136 is as unique of a Balancer bull to sell this spring, combining Top 10 percent Calving Ease with Top 1 percent Yearling Weight EPDs, a 150 IMF ratio, and tremendous feed efficiency. Post Rock Cattle Company and Twin Oak Gelbvieh teamed up to purchase this stud for $22,000.

Cedar Top Ranch and Black Gold Genetics combined forces to purchase the Lot 67 bull for $17,000. He was a Waylon son by one of the great matriarchs of the Gelbvieh breed, EGL Farah. This bull did it all, with Top 1 percent EPDs for all performance indicators, including one of the few bulls to achieve the top 1 percent $FE mark.

Leachman Cattle, of Colorado, selected Lot 171 as their top pick, a Connealy Counselor son, for $10,500. A unique herd bull prospect, he combines top end growth, maternal, efficiency, and carcass traits into one very eye appealing and dynamic package.

One of the most physically impressive bulls to sell all day was the Lot 1 bull. He was a scale-crusher whose performance was unmatched this year, starting at 85 pounds, and weaning off at an impressive 893 pounds. Long-time customer and friend of the program, Farlee Ranch, Dupree, South Dakota, won the bull with a bid of $9,500.

Volume buyers on the day were Mound City Cattle Company, Pocatello, Idaho, and Hamilton Farms, Hitchcock, South Dakota.

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