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ELK Angus 2nd Annual Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: May 4, 2022

Location: At the Ranch near Buffalo, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Matt Lowry


27 Bulls – $4,807

Great day, May 4th, 2022, for the 2nd Annual ELK Angus Bull Sale, held at the ranch outside of Buffalo, Wyoming. Tyler and Meg Scales are quickly earning a reputation for offering their customers high quality cattle made to last and perform. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 8 at $7,250, ELK MVP 804F-I37, 3/1/21, B/R MVP 5247 x HOOVER CUT ABOVE P427, Sold to Derek Bohlander-Douglas, Wyoming

Lot 3 at $7,000, ELK THUNDERBALL 706-I12, 2/10/21, SITZ THUNDERBALL 734E x QUAKER HILL RAMPAGE 0A36, Sold to Tag Double H Cattle Company-Carmel, Indiana

Lot 4 at $7,000, ELK ASHLAND 9095-I9, 1/31/21, GAR ASHLAND x PINE VIEW BOOMTIME, Sold to Bellus Bros.-Buffalo, Wyoming

Lot 1 at $7,000, ELK PAPPY 7005-I30, 2/27/21, BALDRIDGE PAPPY x BARSTOW CASH, Sold to Tanner Rigsdale-Kensignton, Kansas

Tyler Scales addresses the crowd.
ELK Angus customer reviews the catalog while evaluating the bulls.

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