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Evenson Angus 38th Annual Production Sale

John Capp, Faith, S.D., Evenson Angus bull buyer.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 15, 2018

Location: Lemmon Livestock Auction, Lemmon, S.D.

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar


56 Yearling Angus bulls avg. $4,589

40 Fall Yearling Angus bulls avg. $3,881

72 Commercial Angus open heifers avg. $1,128

15 Registered Angus open heifers avg. $1,310

There was a very nice crowd for the 38th Annual Evenson Angus bull sale. This is a lower key operation that focuses on producing excellent bulls with a little more frame than most, but the extra frame does not take away from the thickness and natural fleshing ability. For the past 10 years Evenson Angus has finished out their feeder cattle at their feedlot, just out side of Hettinger, ND. This year’s calves finished 100 percent choice with over 57 percent going CAB.

The high-selling bull was lot 7155, Evenson Kinetic 7155, a 3/17 son of Jindra Kinetic with epds of CED 4 BW 4.5 WW 79 YW 136 Milk 31 $B 159.08. 205 day wt. of 877 lb. yearling wt. of 1543 lb. selling to Dorwin Howe, Hettinger, ND for $15,000.

Selling at $13,500 was lot 758, Evenson Acclaim 758, a 2/17 son of Jindra Acclaim with epds of CED 14 BW .7 WW 76 YW 140 Milk 36 $B 170.37 to Kessler Angus, Milton-Freewater, OR.

Howe struck again on lot 730, Evenson Stetson 100X 730, a 2/17 son of Evenson Stetson 100X at $13,000.

Frey Angus, Granville, ND purchased lot 7135, Evenson Acclaim 7135, a 3/17 son of Jindra Acclaim at $11,500.

The high selling fall yearling was lot 6466, Evenson Acclaim 6466, an 8/16 son of Jindra Acclaim with epds of CED 9 BW 2.4 WW 80 YW 140 Milk 22 $B 175.09 sold to Kilzer Ranch, Lemmon, SD for $8,750

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