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Fawcetts Elm Creek Ranch “The Ranchers Kind” Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: Feb. 14, 2022

Location: Sale held at the ranch, near Ree Heights, SD

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar


46 Yearling Hereford Bulls – $6,233

40 Two Year Old Hereford Bulls – $6,068

1 Yearling Angus Bull – $6,000

1 Two Year Old Angus Bull – $6,500

73 Yearling Open Baldy F1 Heifers – $1,668


Great sale for Fawcett’s Elm Creek Ranch for their annual bull sale. Great sunny day with excellent set of yearling and two year old Hereford bulls with a couple Angus thrown in. The commercial F1 baldy heifers were some of the best to sell on the region.

Top selling bull was lot 14, ECR 238 Fortified 1002, 2/21 son of NJW 84B 4040 Fortified 238F x UPS Sensation 2296 ET to Sioux Falls, SD buyer at $21,000.

Lot 41, ECR 8923 Advance 1226, 2/21 son of ECR 628 Ivys Advance 8923 ET x HH Advance 2029Z ET to Cainsville, MO buyer at $12,000.

Lot 61, ECR 8055 Domino 0402, 4/20 son of ECR 6305 Domino 8055 x CL 1 Domino 2109Z to Columbia, SD buyer at $11,500.

Lot 80, ECR 6017 Domino 0681, 5/20 son of ECR 3131 Domino 6017 x ECR AL Ree Heights 3003 ET to Florence, SD buyer at $9,500.

One of the most uniform sets of F1 Baldy heifers to sell in the region at the Fawcett Elm Creek sale.
The best of Polled and Horned Hereford genetics sold at Fawcett's Elm Creek Ranch "The Rancher's Kind" Bull sale.
Mark Frederickson, Spearfish, SD and Bill Thorsetenson, Selby, SD at the Fawcett Elm Creek Sale.
Davis Ranch, Belle Fourche, SD looking over the Fawcett Elm Creek bulls.


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