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Feddes Red Angus and C-T Red Angus

Date: March 28, 2016 at the Ranch Manhattan, MT

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

TSLN Rep: Dixon Scott

119 bulls – $5,074

19 heifers – $2,621

Another beautiful day it was in western Montana for the Feddes Red Angus and C-T Red Angus production sale. It was a continuation of the Easter Sunday celebration as friends, family, and complete strangers came together to feast and bid competitively for these red hot Red Angus cattle. Genetics is a huge focal point in this cowherd that is culled and kept to optimize the calf crop, getting the producer that ever-coveted premium dollar. The Feddes and DeBoer families really do an awesome job growing these bulls and getting them in sale shape. They were big and thick and ready to go to work. Colonel Joe Goggins kept the pace quick and snappy and here’s the top end:

Lot 3, Feddes Dependent d210, is heading back to Plains City , OH for $20,000. Sired by Bieber Romero, this bull was born 1/22/16 at 74 pounds and was a whopping 710 pounds on his 205. He posted EPDs of BW -5.3, WW 64, YW 104, and Milk 26.

Geibred Angus Ranch Dagmer , MT got their hands on Lot 4, Feddes Dependent d207 for $12,500. This son of Feddes Sleek 806 recorded EPDs of BW -5.0 WW 64, YW 102, and Milk 30. He was born 1/20/16 at 74 pounds and was 691 on his 205.

Selling for $16,000 was Lot 8, Feddes RBH Rainier D308, to Lance Chaney Manhatten , MT. He was born 3/7/16 at 72 pounds and was 783 pounds on his 205. He has EPDs of BW -2.4, WW 73, YW 121, and Milk 25.

Brad Grill Hot Springs, SD Lot 15, C-T New Direction 6044, for $11,000. Born 1/30/16 at 75 pounds and 728 pounds on his 205. His EPDs include BW -4.5, WW 59, YW 99, and Milk 31.

Also selling for $10,500 was Lot 2, CT Revolution 6023, to Von Forrell Wheatland , WY. EPDs that include BW -3.1, WW 68, YW 110, and Milk 24. This bull was born 1/24/16 at 78 pounds and was 740 pounds on his 205.

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