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Feddes Red Angus and C-T Red Angus Annual Production Sale

Major discussion in the pens at the Feddes - C-T Red Angus Sale, Manhattan, Montana.

TSLN Rep: Dixon Scott

Date of Sale: March 26, 2018

Location: at the Ranch Manhattan, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Averages: 128 Yearling Bulls Averaged $4,576

Registered Open Heifers Averaged $1,564

Another beautiful day it was in Manhattan Montana for the Feddes Red Angus and C-T Red Angus production sale. Genetics is a huge focal point in this cowherd that is culled and kept to optimize the calf crop, getting the producer that ever-coveted premium dollar. The Feddes and DeBoer families really do an awesome job growing these bulls and getting them in sale shape. They were big and thick and ready to go to work. Colonel Joe Goggins kept the pace quick and snappy and here’s the top end:

Lot 1, $35,000 to Myer Family Farms, MO; Mosby Red Angus, MO; and Bar Open A, ID; C-T Dominate 7067; 3SCC Domain A163 X Glacier Chateau 744. This bull was born 1/31/17 at 83lbs and was a whopping 833lbs on his 205. He posted EPDs of BW -1.5, WW 70, YW 114, and Milk 24.

Lot 2, $13,000 to Overmiller Red Angus, Smith Center, KS; Feddes Maggio 806-E303; PIE One of a Kind 352 X Bieber Romero 9136.Recorded EPDs of BW -3.1, WW 86, YW 136, and Milk 17. He was born 2/25/17 at 76lbs and was 814 on his 205.

Lot 4, $13,000 to Chain Ranch, Canton, OK; Feddes Rocky A91-E243; 5L Adantage 2170-165A X WCAT Ribeye 127Y.Recorded EPDs of BW -0.6, WW 75, YW 119, and Milk 14. He was born 1/15/17 at 75lbs and was 782 on his 205.

Lot 3, $11,000 to Spotted Dog Canyon Ranch, Avon, MT; C-T In Charge 7012; 5L Independence 560-298Y X Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334. and born 1/16/17 at 73lbs and 827lbs on his 205. His EPDs include BW -5.1, WW 66, YW 103, and Milk 22.

Lot 5, $11,000 to Spotted Dog Canyon Ranch, Avon, MT, C-T Prime Time 7007; C-T Prime 5097 X Feddes Oscar X28.

and born 1/15/17 at 70lbs and 841lbs on his 205. His EPDs include BW -3.4, WW 69, YW 109, and Milk 22.

Lot 11, $11,000 To Bar Open A, Hamer, ID; Feddes Big Papi C74-E207; Brown Premier X7876 X Feddes Granite Z132.

and born 1/17/17 at 81lbs and 838lbs on his 205. His EPDs include BW -1.0, WW 79, YW 129, and Milk 19 Top Open Heifer:

Lot 142, $3,750 to Monte Haiar, Fairfax,SD; C-T Honest Girl 7083; 3SCC Domain A163 X Fritz Justice 8013.She was born 2/05/17 at 80lbs and 639lbs on her 205. His EPDs include BW -1.7, WW 58, YW 93, and Milk 25.

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