Felton Angus Ranch Bull Sale

Date: February 13, 2017

Location: The Ranch, Springdale, Montana

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

TSLN Rep: Dixon Scott


119 Two-year-old bulls – $3,560

82 18-month-old bulls – $3,841

It was a fine Montana day in Springdale for the Felton Angus Ranch bull sale. This being the 43rd year in the business the Felton Ranch has definitely fined-tuned this program of “working class bulls for the working class rancher.” The bulls offered were in their everyday working pants ready to prove their durability in any terrain. It’s a true testament to the program when 98 percent of the customers that buy a Felton bull turn into a repeat buyer. The prime rib meal was only a side note compared to the quality of bulls offered and here is how the top end looked:

Ringing the bell at $8,000 late in the day was Lot 141, Felton capitalist 10f5 . Purchased by Clear Creek Livestock of Chinook, Montana. This Connealy Capitalist 028 son posted EPDs of BW -0.2, WW 50, YW 94, and Milk 20. He was born September, 2015, weighing 70 pounds and squashed the scale at 205 days weighing 811 pounds.

Lot 158, Felton Confidence S44, sold for $8,000 to Clear Creek of Chinook, Montana. This Stevenson Consensus 3878 son was born september, 2015, at 82 pounds and posted a 905 pounds 205-day weight. His EPDs include BW + 0.4, WW 64, YW 98, and Milk 21.

Lot 206, Felton Wide Track 224F5, sold to David Kowitz of Delco, Idaho for $6,750. He weighed 86 pounds at birth in November, 05, and 1,046 pounds at his 205-day weight. This son of Apex Wide Track 4401 posts EPDs of BW 0.7, WW 70, YW 99, and Milk 26.

Lot 61, Felton image maker s1295, is headed to Stanford Montana, with Randy Ridgeway for $6,750. This Hyline Image Maker163 son put up EPDs of BW 1.4, WW 54, YW 86, and Milk 21. He weighed 80 pounds at birth in May, 2015, and 924 pounds on his 205-day weight.