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Flat Water Gang Red Angus Bull Sale

Wilde Ranch, Thedford, NE got several Flat Water Gang Red Angus bulls.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 18, 2019

Location: Sale held at One Box Convention Center, Broken Bow, NE

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar


95 Yearling Red Angus bulls – $3,343

This was by far the best set of Red Angus bull offered by Sandbur Ridge Red Angus, Cooksley Red Angus and Birnie Red Angus, the breeders that make up the Flat Water Gang. These 3 breeders all have slightly different breeding programs, but the bulls in this sale were very consistent and uniform from top to bottom.

Top Selling bulls:

Lot 50, Ridge Right Kind 8146, a 2/18 son of 5L Right Kind 1942-62B, with epds of CED 12 BW 0 WW 67 YW 104 Milk 25 sold to Craig Seier, Petersburg, NE for $8,000.

Lot 35, Ridge Provision 8074, a 2/18 son of Ridge Provision 6013 with epds of CED 9 BW 0.8 WW 73 YW 16 Milk 28 sold to Rich Red Angus, Vinton, IA for $7,000.

Lot 62, Cooksley Gladiator 8217, a 3/18 son of Bieber Gladiator C386 with epds of CED 17 BW -3.8 WW 66 YW 102 Milk 23 went to Daigger/Orr Angus, North Platte, NE for $6,750.

Lot 4, Ridge Malbec 8098, a 2/18 son of Red U2 Malbec 195D with epds of CED 17 BW -4.5 WW 52 YW 81 Milk 26 sold to Jo Vogel, Lakeside, NE for $6,000.

Lot 86, Ridge Crisscurrent 8124, a 2/18 son of KDS CrossCurrent 423 with epds of CED 9 BW 1.3 WW 67 YW 104 Milk 25 went to Rich Red Angus, Vinton, IA for $6,000.

The sale fell on the heels of the major winter storm that dropped several inches of rain and in some cases up to a foot or more of snow. Many roads in their customers areas were flooded out or blocked so the crowd was smaller than past years and not as eager to bid. The sale average reflects that, however the sale average does not reflect on the quality of the bulls offered.

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