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Flatwater Gang Red Angus Annual Bull Sale

The seats were nearly full for the Flatwater Gang Red Angus sale in Broken Bow, Neb.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 19, 2018

Location: One Box Convention Center, Broken Bow, NE

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar

Sales Manager: Graham Blagg


98 Yearling Red Angus bulls avg. $4,162

Flatwater Gang Red Angus is made up of Nebraska breeders Cooksley Red Angus, Sandbur Ridge Red Angus and Birnie Red Angus. The bulls were on display at the Custer Co. Fairgrounds in Broken Bow and sale was at the One Box Convention Center. Very uniform set of bulls complimenting all three breeders. There was a very nice crowd of buyers that came out despite several inches of wet snow overnight, giving the Flatwater Gang Red Angus breeders a very nice sale.

Top Selling bull was lot 25, Birnie Maverick 3E, a 1/17 son of 5L Topgun 560-65B that had a very moderate birthweight of 54 lb. but went on to wean at 1181, epds of CED 14 BW -7.1 WW 57 YW 91 Milk 19 selling to Sandbur Ridge Red Angus, NE and Young Red Angus, KS for $22,000.

Selling at $10,500 was lot 33, Ridge Advantage 7013, a 1/17 son of 5L Advantage 3267-221Y withe epds of CED 14 BW -5.1 WW 56 YW 81 Milk 21 selling to Mushrush Red Angus, Strong City, KS for $10,500.

Lot 2, Ridge Impact 7087, a 2/17 son of RRA Impact 505 with yearling wt. of 1324 lb. sold to Rich Red Angus, Vinton, IA for $8,500.

Lot 53, Ridge Bourne 7092, a 2/17 son of 5L Bourne 117-48A with 9 CED and -3.5 BW epd sold to John Taylor, Taylor, NE for $7,500.

Brit Hayes, Jetmore, KS got lot 35, Ridge Advanage 7048, a 2/17 son of 5L Advantage for $7,000.