Flying W Red Angus and Rock Creek Red Angus |

Flying W Red Angus and Rock Creek Red Angus

Brandon and Dixie Rusch of New Salem, North Dakota bought some fancy heifers.

April 4, 2015 Kist Livestock, Mandan, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Dustin Carter

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson

53 two-year-old Red Angus bulls averaged: $3,938

5 open registered Red Angus heifers averaged: $3,000

15 open commercial heifers averaged: $1,367

15 registered bred Red Angus cows averaged: $2,707

5 commercial bred cows averaged: $2,700

It was a great day to buy cattle at Kist Livestock in Mandan, North Dakota during the Flying W and Rock Creek Red Angus bull sale. Red Angus cattle are in high demand and there was a little bit of everything in the offering for producers of all shapes and sizes. There were some impressive two-year-old bulls that would really add top genetics into the gene pools. There was also competitive bidding on the females as they all found new homes. Here are the top bulls of the day:

Lot 4, Flying W Magnum 180A, topped the sale at $7,000 to Collin Laplant of Binford, North Dakota. This RCRA Magnum PI 841 son was born 5/13/13 weighing 61lbs and had an ADJ WW of 686lbs. His EPDs are BW -4.5, WW 54, YW 96, and Milk 21.

Lot 3, Flying W Advantage 194A, was sold to Stuart Gilbert of Stockport, IA for $6,500. This is a RCRA Advantage 735 son with EPDs of BW -2.1, WW 60, YW 93, and Milk 15. This good-looking rascal was born 5/16/13 weighing 72lbs and had an ADJ WW of 678lbs.

Selling for $5,750 was Lot 1, Flying W XTRA 149A, to Triple M Ranch of Bismark, North Dakota. A Flying W XTRA 111X son born 5/7/13 weighing 86lbs and has and ADJ WW of 721lbs. His EPDs are BW 1.5, WW 72, YW 122, and Milk 17.

Lot 2,Flying W XTRA 165A, sold for $5,000 to Jerry Shuster of New Rockford, North Dakota. This is another XTRA 111X son with EPDs of BW 0.9, WW 70, YW 115, and Milk 15. He was born 5/11/13 weighing 87lbs and had an ADJ WW of 656lbs.

Also selling for $5,000 was Lot 10, Flying W Magnum 186A, to Todd McPeak from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. This Magnum PI son posted EPDs of BW -4.5, WW 54, YW 96, and Milk 21. He was born 5/14/13 weighing in at 88lbs and has an ADJ WW 684lbs.

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