Forgey & Graesser 8th Annual Production Sale |

Forgey & Graesser 8th Annual Production Sale

Randy and Mike Novotny, from Novotny Angus, Winner, South Dakota, are the new owners of Lot 25 at $25,000.

Date: Mar. 18, 2017

Location: at the Forgey Ranch south of Dallas, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery

Reported by: Dan Piroutek and Chris Effling

Averages: 107 yrlg Angus and Simm-Angus Bulls – $4,575

The annual Forgey & Graesser Bull Sale was another success this year as a big crowd turned out to compete for these good bulls. The sale is held just north of the Nebraska border and the Sandhills, and it drew ranchers from both states. Dan and Lyn Forgey and family, representing Forgey Ranch, and Kevin, Rod and Derek Graesser of Graesser Angus, have their own herds of cattle. These friends come together each year to offer outstanding bulls from each of their herds.

These bulls are well-grown, and will perform for commercial cattlemen. The offering was mostly Angus bulls, with just ten Simm-Angus bulls. Many repeat buyers were on hand, and several of these folks are close neighbors.

Both of these herds use embryo transplants to advance the genetics to make their cow herds stronger. Quite a few embryo transplant (ET) bulls were offered in this sale, as well as many half-brothers. Both of these herds are rich in the blood from the Mike and Darla Assman herd of Angus cattle.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 25, selling to Novotny Angus from Winner, South Dakota, for $13,500. This was a deep-bodied, stout-made son of RB Tour of Duty 177, and out of a first calf heifer daughter of Koupals B&B Identity. Born at only 72 pounds, he weaned at 860 pounds, and posted a yearling weight of 1514 pounds. His EPDs were CED 7, BW 0.8, WW 66, YW 112, MILK 30, $W 63.99, and $B 152.74. He had an IMF of 5.44% to ratio 121, and a pelvic measurement of 213 square centimeters.

Larson Ranch, LLC, from Hamill, South Dakota, paid $10,500 to own Lot 21. He was a son of Brookdale Responder 63, and out of a daughter of WK Hammer. His EPDs were CED 9, BW -0.3, WW 66, YW 109, MILK 33, and $W 69.49. With a 68 pound birth weight, he weaned at 834 pounds, and grew to a yearling weight of 1444 pounds. His IMF of 5.57% to ratio 124, was complemented with a rib eye of 15.6 square inches.

Lot 73 sold to Tony Green from White River, South Dakota, for $9000. This son of Brookdale Responder 63 was out of a GAR-EGL Protégé dam. This fall bull was born at 72 pounds and weaned at 715 pounds.

The 3R Ranch from Lower Brule, South Dakota, selected Lot 82 at $9000. This son of SAV Registry 2831 was out of a Hoover Dam daughter who ratioed 106 on three calves. Entering the world at 88 pounds, he weaned at 774 pounds, and reached 1428 pounds as a yearling. With a 40 cm. scrotal measurement, he had a 200 square centimeter pelvic measurement. His EPDs were BW 1.9, WW 63, YW 111, MILK 23, and $B 138.34.

Dale and Janet Stewart from Newport, Nebraska, bought Lot 105 at $9000. Sired by Brookdale Cut Up 644, he was out of a S Chisum 6175 daughter. With an 83 pound birth weight, he had a weaning weight of 750 pounds, and a yearling weight of 1385 pounds. His EPDs were BW 2.0, WW 63, YW 111, MILK 28, and $B 144.76.

John George of Pritchette, Colorado, paid $8750 for Lot 23, a son of Brookdale Responder 63. Ponca Creek Cattle Company of Bonesteel, SD, paid $8500 for Lot 24, another son of Brookdale Responder. He had a 15.7 square inch rib eye, along with good numbers, and a great look.

These families are very easy to work with—and the food and hospitality was great!

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