Frey Angus Ranch 46th Annual Production Sale |

Frey Angus Ranch 46th Annual Production Sale


TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 7, 2021

Location: at the Ranch, Granville, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins


117 Angus Bulls – $5,530

35 Commercial Heifer Calves – $2,082

It was a cold day in Granville, North Dakota for the 46th Annual Frey Angus production sale. Repeat customers in the pens and on the seats to view a nice set of Frey Angus Bulls.

Lot 2 at $33,000, FAR QUALITY O187, Dob 2-2-2020, Reg 19824757, KR Quality 8525, x FAR MISS Blackap 51A, sold to Evenson Angus Hettinger, North Dakota.

Lot 6 at $20,000 FAR COWBOY LOGIC)147, Dob 1-26-2020, Reg 19824762, FREYS Cowboy Logic x FAR Princess 7278, sold to ZWR Ranch Crossville, Tennessee.

Lot 3 at $17,000 FAR QUALITY O195 Dob 2-4-2020, Reg 19824736, KR Quality 8525 x FAR Annie 7093 sold to Floyd Anderson, Ong, Nebraska.

Lot 9 at $16,500 FAR QUALITY O161, Dob 1-28-2020, Reg 19824752, KR Quality 8525 x FAR Miss Blackcap 47D Sold to Steven Bass , Brewster, Nebraska.

Bethany and Drew Haner.


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