Frey Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale |

Frey Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: 2018-02-04

Location: at the Ranch Granville,ND

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


93 Angus $5,634

8 Red angus Bulls $4,032

23 Reg Bred Angus Heifers $2,647

Top Selling Bulls

• Lot 8 at 30,000, FREYS COWMAN 153E, 2-15-2017, Reg 18890395, Young Dale Xcaliber, 32X x FAR Bonnie Brae 158 A, sold to CRV, Madison, Wisconsin.

• Lot 5 at 13,000, FAR APPEARANCE 31E, 1-28-2017, Reg 18890259, Freys Appearance x FAR Roxette 25A sold to Cornerstone Ranch, Fort Sumptner, New Mexico.

• Lot 10 at 12,500, FAR BELIEVE 7706, 2-3-2017, Reg 18976237, Young Dale Believe 46B x FAR Princess 250A

sold to Hoffmann Angus Wheatland, North Dakota.

• Lot 24 at 11,500, FAR UNANIMUS 237E, 1-26-2017, Reg 18890260, FAR Unanimous 143C x FAR Miss Blackbird 326A, sold to Gullickson Angus Inc Halliday, North Dakota.

• Lot 6 at 11,000, FAR APPEARANCE 66E, 2-2-2017, Reg 18890294, Freys Appearance x FAR Miss Pansy 617

sold to Steve Gadd Highmore, South Dakota.

• Lot 7 at 11,000, FAR APPEARANCE 345E, 1-28-2017, Reg 18890349, Freys Appearance x FAR princess 203C

sold to Krebs Ranch Gordon, Nebraska.

Top Selling Bred Heifer

• Lot 106 at 5250 sold to Lennick Ranch New Salem, North Dakota

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