Friedt Herefords Annual Production Sale |

Friedt Herefords Annual Production Sale

Bert Hauge of New Town, N.D., bought the high selling female.

Date: Feb. 10, 2016

Location: Stockmen’s West, Dickinson, ND

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson


6 2-year-old bulls – $4,875

28 yearling bulls – $3,642

39 yearling heifers – $1,438

It was a little windy in Dickinson, North Dakota for the Annual Friedt Herefords Production Sale but not enough to keep the buyers home. There was a good crowd in attendance to appraise a set of bulls that’d blow anyone away. There was definitely a bull for every program that’ll consistently add performance and pounds. The females offered were backed by traits of good milking functional udders and carried a pretty clean look. Here are the real head turners of the day:

Lot 9, FH L1 Domino 530, started us off right at $9,000 selling to Kevin Bennett of Sandrock Ranch in Wisconsin. This H5 9131 Domino 2185 son was born Jan. 28, 2015, and posted EPDs of BW 3.6, WW 62, YW 107, and Milk 29.

The Hermann Ranch of Lemmon, South Dakota, pulled the trigger at $8,500 buying Lot 25, FH L1 Domino 577. This son of H5 9131 Yankee 156 was born Feb. 15, 2015, and posted EPDs of BW 3.2, WW 54, YW 88, and Milk 28.

Topping the 2-year-old bulls was Lot 39, FH Navarro 4017, at $6,750 heading to Reva, South Dakota, with Robert Tenald. This SR Navarro 740X son was born March, 2014, with EPDs of BW 3.3, WW 45, YW 77, and Milk 26.

Lot 41, FH Navarro 4037 MD, was sold to Terry Nelson of Mandan, North Dakota, for $5,750. Another SR Navarro 740X son with a lot of style that posted EPDs of BW 3.5, WW 52, YW 93, and Milk 25. He was born April of 2014.

The top selling female was Lot 536, FH 2185 Dominette 536. She sold to Bert Hauge of New Town, North Dakota, for $2,800. This was a H5 9131 Domino 2185 daughter out of an UPS Navarro dam. She was born Feb. 2, 2015, and posted EPDs of BW 2.9, WW 55, YW 95, and Milk 27.