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Fuoss Angus Ranch of Draper, SD Bull Sale Report

Shannon and Eric Iversen from Iversen Ranch at Murdo, South Dakota, purchased some of the top bulls.

Date: Mar. 2, 2017

Location: at the ranch, northeast of Draper, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek and Ross Glass


16 older Angus Bulls – $3,296

73 yearling Angus Bulls – $3,195

30 spring Pairs – $2,130

Dave and Kathy Fuoss, along with their son, Mike, hosted a nice crowd with many repeat buyers, for their annual production sale held the first Thursday in March. This sale is held at the ranch in their beautiful new sale barn.

I felt that this was the best overall set of bulls that the Fuoss family had ever presented. They showed more width and depth of body, and they had outstanding growth and production numbers.

The sires of this year’s offering were SAV Renown 3439, SAV Resource 1441, Connealy Earnan, Connealy Final Product, Varilek Confidence, PA Power Tool, RB Tour of Duty, and Connealy Comrade.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 62, selling for $9,000, to Iversen Angus Ranch, Murdo, South Dakota, owned by Darrell Iversen and sons. This son of SAV Renown 3439 was out of a daughter of SydGen Mandate 6079, and weighed 91 pounds at birth. He weaned at 776 pounds to ratio 120, and posted a yearling weight of 1349 pounds to ratio 110. This massive bull had EPDs of CED 4, BW 2, WW 75, YW 124, and MILK 29. He had a 42 cm. scrotal measurement.

Another popular bull was Lot 609, selling to Jerry Bush, Pierre, South Dakota, with his final bid of $7,750. Here was a son of SAV Resource 1441 who was out of a daughter of Mogck Sure Shot 260. His EPDs were BW 4.1, WW 58, YW 106, and MILK 26. He weaned at 694 pounds to ratio 108 and grew to a yearling weight of 1366 pounds to ratio 111. He had a 15.3 square inch rib eye to ratio 112, and a $Beef score of $151.56.

Darrel Iverson and sons’ Iversen Angus Ranch was again the top bidder on Lot 64, with their final nod at $6,500. Sired by SAV Renown 3439, he was out of a daughter of SAV Prosperity 9131. He weaned at 708 pounds to ratio 110, and posted EPDs of BW 2.5, WW 70, YW 114, and MILK 30. His IMF was 5.65% to ratio 117.

Lot 675 sold for $6,000 to Casey Krogman, White River, South Dakota. This was a son of Evenson Stetson 100X, and out of a Pathfinder daughter of Mogck Sure Shot 260. She had a Weaning Ratio of 3 calves @ 111. His weaning weight was 796 pounds to ratio 123, and his yearling weight was 1390 pounds to ratio 113. His EPDs included BW 1.9, WW 66, YW 113, and MILK 32. His 14.6 square inch rib eye ratioed 107, and he had 5.21% IMF to ratio 108. Completing the package was his 42 cm scrotal measurement.

At $5,750 was Lot 604. This bull was sired by SAV Resource 1441, and out of a daughter of SchurrGene 2063 2595. His 15.2 square inch rib eye to ratio 111, was complemented by a 5.86% IMF to ratio 122. He had a 40 cm. scrotal measurement, weaning at 698 pounds, and growing to a yearling of 1,397 pounds. With a $Beef score of 160.12, his new owner is Iversen Angus Ranch, owned by Darrell Iversen and sons.

Topping the eighteen-month-old division were several bulls at $5,000 each. Lot 55, born on September 4, 2015, was purchased by DJ Land & Cattle, Gann Valley, South Dakota. He was a son of Marcys 13 Final Answer 2-3 and out of a daughter of Sitz Upward 307R.

Lot 57 was also purchased by DJ Land & Cattle. Here was another son of Marcys 13 Final Answer, and he was born September 20, 2015. His mother was a daughter of HARB Pendleton 765J, and she had a weaning ratio of 113 on three calves.

After the sale, the Fuoss family presented a “rib feed,” prepared by Jack Sieben of J&R Feeds, that was simply the very best!

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