Gaaskjolen Ranch Bull Sale |

Gaaskjolen Ranch Bull Sale

Chuck and Michelle Spangler, Prairie City, South Dakota.

Date of Sale: March 7, 2018

Location: Lemmon Livestock, Lemmon, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick


66 bulls – $3,492

A beautiful sunny day after a storm, found a great set of bulls featuring muscle and shape offered for sale to a nice crowd on the seats at Lemmon Livestock.

Lot # 6 at $5,250, Gaask Blaster 7215, DOB 3-13-17, Bruns Blaster, 7/8AN 1/8 GV, sold to Ervin Jordan, Faith, South Dakota.

Lot #72 at $5,250, Gaask Aviator 7033, DOB 2-12-17, REG #18974849, Musgrave Aviator x Gaask Perfect 556, sold to David Johnson, Keldron, South Dakota.

Lot #4 at $5,000, Gaask Blaster 7044, DOB 3-19-17, Bruns Blaster, 7/8AN 1/8GV, sold to Ervin Jordan.

Lot #81 at $5,000, Gaask Resource 7216, DOB 3-19-17, REG #18974846, SAV Resource 1441 x PCAR Eisa Evergreen 3166, sold to Wade Kropren, Bison, South Dakota.

Lot #44 at $4,750, Gaask Riddling 7228, DOB 4-11-17, Gaask Riddling, 5/8AN 3/8GV, sold to Crystal Keffeler, Enning, South Dakota

Lot #59 at $4,750, Gaask Robust 7245, DOB 3-8-17, GW Robust, 5/8AN 3/8SM, sold to David Johnson, Keldron, South Dakota.

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