Gant Polled Herefords & Angus Annual Sale |

Gant Polled Herefords & Angus Annual Sale

Jacob Horstman, Parkston, SD.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 28, 2020

Location: At the Ranch Geddes , South Dakota

Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson


17 Hereford Bulls – $4,109

14 Angus Bulls – $3,839

Hereford Bulls

Lot 20 at $6,250, Gant HomeGrown 416F DOB 4-7-2018, Pyramid HomeGrown 8Y 395D, sold to Mary Neugwbauer, Dimok,SD

Lot 2 at $5,500, Gant Target 380F, DOB 4-2-2018, R On Target 5523, sold to Devin Backes, Platte, SD.

Lot 3 at $5,500, Gant Target 373F, DOB 4-11-2018 R On Target

sold to Ray Hermanek, Lake Andes

Angus Bulls

Lot 45 at $5,500 Gant Upgrade 427F, DOB 4-4-2018 War Upgrade Y155, sold to Larry Schweigeet Gregory,SD

Lot 28 at $4500 Gant Bullseye 526F, DOB 4-10-2018 Mogck Bullseye 174, sold to Jermey Novotny, Lake Andes

Lot 44 at $4400 Gant Resource 634F, DOB 4-28-2018 WAR Resource 0237, sold to Jacob Peterson , Geddes, SD F

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