Garrigan Land & Cattle Bull Sale |

Garrigan Land & Cattle Bull Sale

Chuck Schmidt, Keldron, South Dakota, bought 4 bulls.

Date: Apr. 9, 2018

Location: Faith Livestock

Auctioneer: Dace Harper

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


12 Red Angus bulls- $2,021

30 Black Angus bulls – $1,925

Garrigan Land and Cattle, owned by Justin and Riley Garrigan, presented their first public auction of their Red Angus and black Angus cattle at Faith Livestock. This was an excellent set of bulls that were certainly not overfed. They were handled for longevity. Although there were some modest prices, the Garrigans picked up new customers that will turn into repeat buyers.

Garrigans use proven AI sires, along with some newer blood lines. They do not creep feed the bulls, and they have culled the cow herd such that they have a high conception rate. Visit the Garrigans next summer to see how the new calves are coming along.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 13: $3,250 to Tanner Norman, Hayes, South Dakota – CTS Remedy 1T01 x Sitz Upward 307R

Lot 52: $3,000 to Chuck Schmidt, Keldron, South Dakota – Redhill B571 Julian 1W x Beckton Nebula W210 L3