Gill Red Angus Annual Bull Sale |

Gill Red Angus Annual Bull Sale

Ellwein Ranch, Frederick, S.D., volume Gill Red Angus bull buyers.

Date: Feb. 16, 2016

Location: The ranch, Timber Lake, S.D.

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk


110 coming two year old Red Angus bulls – $6,164

115 yearling Red Angus bulls – $5,589

Yearling Bulls

• High seller: Topping the sale at $31,000 was Lot 138 selling to Rains Land & Cattle, LLC from Stillwater, Oklahoma. This bull was a son of Hard Drive and sold as one-half semen interest only or the buyer could double the selling price and take physical possession as well. Rains Land & Cattle decided to double down and take possession.

• Second high seller: This Outrider son was a long age yearling with a nearly perfect phenotype. He sold to repeat customer, Dan and Tara Hooper of Merriman, NE for $14,500

• Third high seller: Lot 139 was the high performing bull in the sale. This big guy had an actual weight of 1,420 lbs on Feb. 8. He was another son of Hard Drive at $14,000 selling to Karen Mutschler of Eureka, S.D.

• Fourth high seller: Lot 141 was another long age yearling and a son of Anticipation. He is a soggy made dark red bull. He sold for $13,500 to repeat customer, Claymore Ranch, of Mobridge, S.D.

•Fifth high seller: Lot 205 was next. He was born on Feb. 7 and is a Victory son out of the great Dynette cow line. He sold for $12,000 to repeat customer, Jorey Dahners of Almont, N.D.

• Sixth high seller: Lot 155 sold at the top as well. He was born Feb. 3 and is another Hard Drive son. He sold to repeat customer, Stradinger Ranch of Isabel, S.D., for $11,000

• Seventh high seller: Lot 161 was the highly-talked-about calving ease bull of the day. The Gills plan to use this guy through AI on their heifers. He is a Night Calver son and sold for $10,500 to Dave Balducke of Sidney, Mont.

• Eighth high seller: Lot 198 is a Mar. 20 born son of Victory, he posted one of the highest weaning weights in the sale at 841 pounds and sold to repeat customer, Claymore Ranch.

2 Year Old Bulls

• Top seller: Lot 29 topped the 2-year-old bulls. He is a son of Gills Vin Diesel and was weighing nearly 1,800 pounds sale day and sold to Lee Kindelspire of Forbes, N.D.

• Second high seller: Lot 6 drew a lot of attention. He is an attractive made son of LJC Lancer 313Y and out of a Victory daughter. He sold for $13,000 to repeat customer Dan and Tara Hooper of Merriman, Neb.

• Third high seller: Repeat customer Larry Denke, of Long Valley, S.D. took home the next high selling bull. He was another son of LJC Lancer 313Y. He is a long made high performing calving ease bull and sold for $12,250.

• Fourth high seller: Lot 22 came next. He is a powerful Gills Indeed son out of a good Vin Diesel daughter. He sold to repeat customer, Dave Wolfe of Scranton, Iowa, for $12,000.

• Fifth high seller: Lot 3 was a crowd favorite. He is a really thick made, deep bodied son of CT Grand Statement 1025 and sold to repeat customer Otto Red Angus from Grace City, N.D., for $11,500.

• Sixth high seller: Lot 105 is another real deep bodied, long made son of Gills Indeed. He sold to repeat customer Chad Kreeger of Lake Andes, S.D., for $11,000.

• Seventh high seller: Lot 23 was another popular LJC Lancer 313Y son. He was out of a first calf heifer and was full of style and performance. He sold to repeat bull customer Dean Gaikowski of Waubay, S.D., for $10,500.

• Eighth high seller: Repeat bull customer Preszler Red Angus, stepped up and purchased the next lot, a top calving ease son of Feddes Comander at $10,000.

• Ninth high seller: Lot 126 came in next. He is another high performing, deep bodied, calving ease son of Victory. Repeat customer, Bill Marks of Gettysburg, S.D., made the purchase at $10,000.

Volume buyers were Todd Ellwein, Frederick, S.D., who took home 10 bulls, and Dallas Schott, McLaughlin, S.D., who ended up with 8 bulls.

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