Gill Red Angus Bull Sale |

Gill Red Angus Bull Sale

There was a huge crowd on hand for the Gill Red Angus bull sale.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: Feb. 18, 2020

Location: Sale held at the ranch, near Timber Lake, SD

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


186 Two Year Old and Yearling Red Angus Bulls – $4,239

Gill Red Angus welcomed a very large crowd of new and repeat buyers for their annual Gill Red Angus “You buy our bulls, we bid on your calves,” bull sale. The sale featured a large selection of two-year-old and yearling Red Angus bulls. Larry and Janet Gill with sons Bryan and Brent and their families stand behind the bulls at Gill Red Angus and are not afraid to bid on and buy feeder cattle sired by Gill bulls.

The top selling bull on the day was lot 163, Gill Hard Drive 8030, a 9/18 son of Bieber Hard Drive D167, epds CED 12 BW -0.5 WW 69 YW 111 Milk 25, selling to repeat customer Landis Ranch, Trail City, SD, for $13,000.

Lot 28, LMG Gills Prospect 8473, a 4/18 son of 4MC Prospect 469 sold to Skip Row, Selby, SD, at $12,000. This black-hided bull has epds of CED 10 BW 0.8 WW 76 YW 132 Milk 20.

Lot 4, LMG Gills Diesel 8406, a 5/18 son of LMG Gills Vin Diesel 4533 with epds of CED 10 BW 0.2 WW 72 YW 118 Milk 20 to Garrett Ranch, Ft. Pierre, SD, for $10,500.

Lot 14, LMG Gills Prospect 8346, a4/18 son of 4MC Prospect 469, epds CED 10 BW 1.0 WW 65 YW 101 Milk 19 to Craig Soloman, Vega, TX, at $9,500.

Lot 31, LMG Gills Prospect 8373, a 5/18 son of 4MC Prospect 469, epds CED 9 BW 0.8 WW 73 YW 113 Milk 18 sold to Raile Ranch, Eureka, SD, for $9,250.

Lot 3, LMG Gills Statement 8460, a 5/18 son of LMG Gills Statement 2066, epds CED 10 BW -0.4 WW 66 YW 110 Milk 22, to Garrett Ranch, Ft. Pierre, SD, for $9,000.

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