Graesser Brothers Angus and Sim -Angus |

Graesser Brothers Angus and Sim -Angus

Joe Bolton

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 17, 2020

Location: Winner Livestock Auction, Winner, SD

Auctioneer: Cody Moore


47 Yearling Bulls – $4,114

12 Sim-Angus – $4,312

1 pick of the 2019 Heifer Crop – $8,500

Great crowd on hand at the Winner Livestock Auction to bid on a great set of Graesser Brothers bulls.

Lot 4 at $7,000 GB Sonic S85G, sold to Larson Ranch, Hamill, SD

Lot 20 at $7,000 GB Generation G11G, sold to Dustin Baumgardner, Gregory, SD

Sale Highlights Sim-Angus

Lot 47 at $5,750 GBSA Generation D63, son of Diamond Generation 41D2, sold to George Kenzy, Iona, SD.

Pick of the 2019 Heifers at $8,500, sold to Sam Petersek, Kennebec, SD.