Gray’s Angus Ranch Bull Sale |

Gray’s Angus Ranch Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Jake St.Amant

Date of Sale: March 19, 2022

Location: Harrison, NE

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins


Sale Averages.

35 Older Bulls Avg. $4,428.00

65 Yrlg. Bulls Avg. $4,538

100 hd. Registered Bulls Avg. $4,499.00

Sale day for Gray’s Angus Ranch had great weather and very good crowd on hand for the bull sale. The bulls were deep in quality from the yearling to the 2yr. old bulls. Sale morning had people going threw the pens to study the bulls.

Lot 66 Gray’s Outright 1021 Sold for $8,750.00 to Brain Palm – Mitchell,NE

Lott 88 Gray’s Outright 1751 Sold for $8,750.00 to Destry Brown – Oshkosh,NE

Lot 42 Gray’s Outright 71 Sold for $8,750.00 to Brian Palm – Mitchell,NE

Lot 87 Gray’s Charlo 1571 Sold for $7,500.00 to Coffee and Sons – Harrison,NE

Lot 48 Gray’s Rainfall 311 Sold for $7,250.00 to Nicole Pfrang – Goth,KS

A great morning in Harrison, Nebraska, brought a very good crowd out to inspect the sale offering on hand.
Rod Gray makes speech as the sale get started.

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