Green Mountain Red Angus Annual Production Sale |

Green Mountain Red Angus Annual Production Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: March 16, 2021

Location: GMRA Sale Facility-Logan, Montana

Auctioneer: Trent Stewart


86 Yearling Bulls – $,5090

Beautiful spring weather was on hand for the Annual Green Mountain Red Angus Production Sale held March 16, 2021 at the GMRA sale faciltiy in Logan, Montana. A large crowd of both new and familar faces were present for the opportunity to purchase bulls from the reputation herd. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 4 at $18,000, GMRA APACHE 0233H, DOB 1/16/20, #4293179, KCC EXCELLENCE 139-774 x SRR DORY JIBA 1161-663, Sold to Bar Open A Red Angus, Hamer, Idaho.

Lot 1 at $12,500, GMRA KING JAMES 0272H, DOB 1/27/20 #4293265, FEDDES BRUNSWICK D202 x GMRA ESTONIA 124, Sold to Geib Red Angus, Dagmar, Montana.

Lot 5 at $9,000, GMRA CROWN VIC 0283H, DOB 1/30/20, #4293289, H2R PROFITBUILDER B403 x GMRA LAKOTA 555, Sold to 21 Ranch Inc. , Sundance, Wyoming.

Lot 8 at $9,000, GMRA BELBET 0204H, DOB 1/8/20, #4293115, 3SCC DOMAIN A163 x GMRA NEXA 821F, Sold to Danny Lanning, Alzada, Montana.

Lot 27 at $8,750, DDRA BRUNSWICK 016, DOB 1/21/20, #4283545, FEDDES BRUNSWICK D202 x GMRA LARKABA 742, Sold to TG Red Angus, Dagmar, Montana.

Customers visit and enjoy the nice weather prior to the sale.


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