Grill’s Red Western Red Angus Bull Sale |

Grill’s Red Western Red Angus Bull Sale

Brad Grill visiting with bull buyer Loren Gorsuch, Bingham, NE after the Red Western Red Angus bull sale.

Date: April 8 2016

Location: Crawford Livestock Auction, Crawford, NE

Auctioneer: Kyle Gilchrist

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


45 red Angus bulls – $4,329

31 commercial red Angus heifers – $1,403

Brad and Trixie Grill and Jeff and Diana Grill along with guest consignor Fick Red Angus welcomed a good crowed to their 12th Annual “Red Western” bull sale on April 8 at Crawford Livestock, Crawford, Nebraska.

These bulls are moderate framed to fit the rugged terrain they are raised in, and are easy fleshing. The bulls are not fed hard for optimal gains, but slowly developed to express their natural genetic ability. The Fick Red Angus bulls are managed with the same philosophy and these outfits compliment each other quite well. With spring born yearlings, fall bulls and two year old bulls, there was a bull to fit any cattlemen’s operation and price range.

This is a smaller sale on numbers but the quality will rank up there with many of the top sales in the region

Lot 42, Grill Acceleration 11B, an Aug. 2014 son of Brown JYJ Redemption sold for $9,500 to Arlen Mehrer, Harold, South Dakota. This bull had an actual birth weight of 71 pounds, weaning ratio of 104, yearling ratio of 108 and epds of CED 11 BW -3.6 WW 57 YW 100 Milk 24

Lot 6, B Lazy T MR BS C006 a Feb. 2015 son of Feddes Big Sky with epds of CED 8 BW -3.5 WW 57 YW 87 Milk 24 sold at $8,250 to repeat buyer, Tanner Ranch, Edgemont, South Dakota

Lot 8, B Lazy T MR RED C007 a Feb. 2015 Brown JYJ Redemption son with epds of CED 12 BW -4.6 WW 51 YW 89 Milk 20 went to Hunter Ranch, Chadron, Nebraska, for $8,000

Tanner Ranch struck again on lot 10, B Lazy T MR RS C071 a Mar. 2015 son of 5L Right Signal at $7,750 and lot 14, B Lazy T MR NEXUS C001 a Feb. 2015 son of Silveiras Mission Nexus for $6,750. Both are excellent calving ease bulls.

Selling at $6000 was lot 30, FCK Magnum B14 376/154, a Feb. 2014 son of TR COLT 45 with epds of CED 9 BW -2.5 WW 52 YW 87 Milk 20. This bull had a weaning ratio of 113 and yearling ratio of 127, selling to Dale Batt, Mitchell, Nebraska.

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