Gumbo Hill Ranch 14th Annual Production Sale |

Gumbo Hill Ranch 14th Annual Production Sale

Repeat buyers Jayne and Shawn Hinsz, McLauchlin, South Dakota, purchased lot 203 one of two high selling bulls of the day.

Date of Sale: March 14, 2018

Location: Lemmon Livestock Auction Lemmon, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Rowdy Benson

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick


36 bulls – $3,578

March 14, 2018 a bright, sunny, warm day found a great set of bulls featuring length, depth, and power offered for sale to the buyers in the seats of Lemmon Livestock Auction Lemmon, South Dakota. Congrats on a successful sale!

Lot 203 at $7,250, Gumbo Hill 203, DOB 3-18-17, 88% AN 12% GV, SAV RESOURCE 1441 x GH Wagonmaster Predominant, sold to Shawn and Jayne Hinsz, McLaughlin, South Dakota.

Lot 5052 at $7,250, Gumbo Hill 5052, DOB 3-6-17, Angus, Mohnen Impressive 1093 x GH Comrade Networth 5052G, sold to Roger Dix Keldron, South Dakota.

Lot 904 at $5,250, Gumbo Hill 904, DOB 3-19-17, Angus, SAV Resource 1441 x GH Analyst 904 W, sold to Bob Mollman, Watuaga, South Dakota.

Lot 5071 at $5,250, Gumbo Hill 5071, DOB 3-9-17, Angus, EF Commando 1366 x GH Industrial 5071G, sold to Tracy Wolff, Meadow, South Dakota.

Lot 1319 at $5,250, Gumbo Hill 1319, DOB 3-26-17, Angus, GH 905 Networth x Mohnen Jilt 2873, sold to Dale Kvale, Lemmon, South Dakota.

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