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Hawks Herefords Complete and Total Dispersal

The Hawks cattle pictured at Faith Livestock prior to the sale.

Date: September 20th, 2018

Location: Faith, SD

Auctioneers: Justin B. Stout and Seth Weishaar

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


116 Spring Heifer Calf Pairs – $3,135

101 Spring Bull Calf Pairs – $2,721

217 Total Spring Pairs – $2,942

101 Spring Bred Heifers – $1,746

9 Spring Bred Cows – $1,639

14 Open Heifers – $9,57

10 Herd Bulls – $2,305

33 Yearling Bulls – $1,838

1 Spring Heifer Calf – $850

1 Fall Yearling Heifer – $950

Ed Hawks was born to be a cattleman. He spent a lifetime breeding and developing the Hawks Hereford cowherd. This herd was developed to adapt and thrive in the harsh plains of Western South Dakota. With Ed’s passing, Gloria and family made the decision to disperse the entire herd to the public. There was an outstanding crowd of buyers in the seats to select females that are only available in a complete and total dispersal.

Top females

Lot 61 LADY 110 FARLEY C557, Mar. 2015 daughter of HWK 24F Farley bred to Mohican THM Excede Z426 sold for $3,100 to Huso and Sons, Aneta, N.D.

Lot 118 EFBEEF N093 JACKIE Y824, Mar. 2011 daughter of UPS Domino 3027, bred to Genetic 137Y Britisher 1206, sold for $3,400 to Brian Simon, Seneca, S.D.

Lot 148 LADY 229Z OZZIE D640, Mar. 2016 daughter of HWK 814 Ozzie 229Z, bred to CL1 Domino 215Z, sold for $3,200 to Larry Stadheim, Hettinger, N.D.

Lot 210 LADY 039 WORLD CLASS Z213, Mar. 2012 daughter of HWK World Class 039X, bred to HWK 039 Felton 315A, sold for $3,100 to Perry Ryckman, Pollock, S.D.

Top calves:

Lot 158A HWK A250 TESTED 877F, Mar. 2018 bull calf sold for $2,600 to John Sukraw, Maxwell, Nebraska.

Lot 61A LADY A250 TESTED F841, Mar. 2018 heifer calf sold for $2,400 to Running Water Herefords, Marsland, Nebraska.

Lot 47A LADY A250 TESTED F812, Mar. 2018 heifer calf, sold for Five J’s Cattle Co, Clayton, North Carolina.

Lot 71A LADY A250 TESTED F866, Mar. 2018 heifer calf sold for $1850 to Smith Cattle, Batesland, South Dakota.

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