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Heart River Ranch & Open A Angus


TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 10, 2021


Location: Sale held at the ranch, Belfield, ND

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar

Averages: $4,250

44 Yrlg. Red Angus Bulls – $4,914

6 Two-Yr. Old Red Angus Bulls – $3,375

59 Yrlg. Angus Bulls – $4,941

6 Two-Yr. Old Angus Bulls – $4,25


Heart River Ranch Red Angus, Chuck and Annette Steffan family and Open A Angus Ranch, Jim and Lynn Arthaud family, held their annual bull sale at the Feedlot shop, south of Belfield with an overflow crowd of perspective buyers on hand. The bidding was fast and steady giving both outfits a great sale.

Top Selling Heart River Ranch Red Angus Bulls:

Lot 8. $9,500, HRR Steward 0264, March 16, 2020, MLK CRK Steward 7334 x SHOCO Data, Spear J Red Angus, Jordan, MT.

Lot 16. $8,750, HRR Boaz 0304, February 22, 2020, Steadfast Boaz T71 x BJR Make My Day 981, Diamond B, Fromberg, MT.

Lot 9, $7,750, HHR Merl 0235, Mar. 2, 2020 son of WFL Merlin 018A x Red Hill B571 Julian 84S to Ron Steffan, White Lake, SD.

Lot 30, $7,750, HHR Boaz 0213, Feb. 26, 2020 son of Steadfast Boaz T71 x Jacobson Blazin On 0057 to Larry Nelson, Buffalo, SD.

Top Selling Open A Angus Bulls:

Lot 53. $11,500, Open A B232 Beast H0329, March 31, 2020, OCC Beast 709B x Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V, Allan Richard, Belfield, ND.

Lot 52, $10,000, Open A C493 Remarkabul H0439, March 26, 2020, OCC Remarkabull 937R x OCC X-Tra Easy 708X, Tom Ryan, Billings, MT.

Lot 59, $9,000, Open A 218S Jupiter H0915, Feb. 25, 2020 son of OCC Jupiter 671J x Sitz Traveler 8180 to John Hild, Medora, ND.

Jodee Watson, Jordan, MT picked up a herd sire prospect for Spear J Red Angus .
Hettinger, ND ranchers David Howe and Gary Steier bought bulls at the Heart River Ranch & Open A Angus sale.
In the bull pens at the Heart River Ranch & Open A Angus Ranch bull sale.

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