HillTop Angus Farm 44th Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 16, 2022

Location: at the Ranch , Bowdle, South Dakota


Roger Jacobs


73 Angus Bulls – $5,805

5 Reg Angus Heifers – $2,600

36 Angus Commercial Heifers – $1,756

Powerful set of bulls offered today by HillTop Angus and the entire crew. big crowd of many new and repeat buyers.

Lot 1 at $23,000, HILLTOPS LINEAGE 41H, Dob 1-22-2021 Reg 20199772, Musgrave 316 Exclusive x HillTops Miss Upward 54B, sold to Minburn Angus, Minburn Alberta, CA.

Lot 48 at $14,000, HILLTOPS PATHFINDER 67H, Dob 2-4-20211 Reg 20203572, Koupals B & B Pathfinder 8106 x HillTops Lady Dually 9C45, sold to David Blackford , Maryville, Missouri.

Lot 65 at $10,500, HILLTOPS CORNELIUS H58, Dob 3-3-2021, Reg 20243175, WA Cornelius 1216 x HillTops Miss Index 6T3, sold to Wieseler, Angus Faulkton, South Dakota.

Lot 22 at $10,000, HILLTOPS EXEMPLIEY H29, Dob 2-21-2022 Reg 20199736, Linz Exemplify 71124 x HillTops Lady RockyTop X53, sold to Bryce Rohrbach, Faulkton, South Dakota.

Lot 18 at $9750, HILLTOPS EXEMPLIFY 38H, Dob 1-27-2022 Reg 20199729, Linz Exemplify 38H x HillTops Priorty P13, sold to Hoffman Farms, Bowdle, South Dakota.

Megan and Stuart Simon.
Teresa and David Blackford.


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