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Hoffman Ranch Annual Bull Sale

The sale feature at the 2017 Hoffman Ranch bull sale was the Grand Champion Carload of Hereford bulls at the 2017 National Western Stock Show.

Date: Feb. 17, 2017

Location: sale held at the ranch, Thedford, Neb.

Auctioneers: Rick Machado and Lex Madden

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


15 Denver Carload Hereford bulls – $20,800

36 Coming 2-year-old Hereford bulls – 6,805

35 Coming 2-year-old Angus bulls – 6,386

12 yearling Sim-Angus bulls – 6,000

49 Yearling Hereford bulls – 4,862

49 Yearling Angus bulls – 4,862

36 Yearling Sim-Angus bulls – 4,632

Hereford, Angus and a select set of SimAngus bulls were in great demand at the Hoffman Ranch Annual Bull Sale held at the ranch north of Thedford, Nebraska. The huge crowd of buyers and bidders filled the seats and bid from the doorways on the Champion Carload of Hereford bulls from the 2017 National Western Stock Show. After the Carload bulls sold, the sale settled down and the majority of the bulls sold in price ranges that will fit most commercial ranchers.

Denny and Jason Hoffman are extremely selective of the bulls they present for the sale. The bulls go through several sorts for feet, structure and are fed in a way to achieve natural thickness and endure any environment.

TOPS—Hereford bulls: Lot 1, H FHF Advance 628 ET, 2/20/16 by HH Advance 4075B ET; to Fawcett Elm Creek Ranch, Ree Heights, SD, $60,000.

Lot 20, H FHF Keystone 6026 ET, 2/16/16 by Pyramid 16W 110T 9116; to Buck & Moore, Madill, OK, $52,500.

Lot 51, H FHF Catapult 6830 ET, 3/16/16 by CRR 109 Catapult 322; to Genex and Topp Herefords, Grace City, ND, $32,500.

Lot 19, H FHF Keystone 6024 ET, 2/11/16 by Pyramid 16W 110T ET; to Pezanoski Cattle Co., La Salle, IL, $28,000.

Lot 10, ILR 601 ET, 2/6/16 by HH Advance 4075B ET; to Rocking G, Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, CN, $20,000.

Lot 67, H Hometown 5369 ET, 8/20/15 by NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y ET; to Rocking G, $18,000.

Angus bulls: Lot 157, Hoffman Demand 5308, 8/1/15 by TEX Demand 2791; to Select Sires, Plain City, OH, and Prairie View Farms, Gridley, IL, $26,000.

Lot 115, Hoffman Resource 6029, 1/27/16 by SAV Resource 1441; to Ibach Farms, Sumner, Nebraska, $10,000.

Lot 149, Hoffman Business Elite 65, 1/2/16 by GCC Business; to Elite Elwood Ranch, Redding, CA, $10,000.

Sim-Angus bulls: Lot 225, Hof Hammer 5363C, 9/3/15 by MR TR Hammer 308A ET, Rocking J, Cody, Nebraska, $8,750

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