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Hoffman Ranch Annual Production Sale

Good help is easy to find on sale day for the Hoffman Ranch.

Date of Sale: Feb. 16, 2018

Location: Sale at the ranch, Thedford, Nebraska

Auctioneer: Rick Machado and Lex Madden

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk


15 Denver Carload Hereford bulls – $31,600

32 Hereford Fall Yearling bulls – $6,398

67 Hereford 2-Year-Old bulls – $5287

66 Hereford Yearling bulls – $5511

7 Denver Pen Angus bulls – $7750

33 Angus Two Year old bulls – $5364

98 Angus Yearling bulls – $4602

24 SimAngus Two Year old bulls – $5771

35 SimAngus Yearling bulls – $4764

377 Total Bulls – $6,324

The air was full of excitement for the annual Hoffman Herefords Bull Sale held at the ranch just north of Thedford, Nebraska. A lot of the buzz was centered around the Champion Carload Hereford bulls that Hoffmans exhibited at this year’s National Western Stock Show in Denver. The Carload bulls were a special highlight, however there were excellent bulls selling throughout the day in price ranges to fit most any commercial cattleman.

This set of Hereford, Angus and SimAngus bulls were in perfect sale condition and very well received by the large crowd on hand.

Hereford high selling bulls:

The top selling bull of the day was lot 50, H Sensation 7454 ET, a March 2017, son of UPS Sensation 2296 ET and out of the Donor cow RST GAT NST Y79D Lady 54B. This herd sire prospect was a member of the Denver Carload and has EPDs of:CED -0.7 BW 4.8 WW 65 YW 100 Milk 27 and sold to the partnership of Grassland Herefords/Express/Randy Ward for $150,000.

Lot 50, H Sensation 7437 ET, a March 2017, ET flush brother to the leadoff bull was also a member of the Denver Carload sold to J B Show Cattle for $130,000.

Lot 1, H Advance 7115 ET, a Feb. 2017, son of HH Advance 4075B ET, a Denver Carload bull with EPDs of:CED 2.5 BW 4.7 WW 65 YW 101 Milk 27 sold to Rocking G Land & Cattle and Holden Herefords for $50,000.

Lot 81, H RW ALL IN 7165 ET, a Feb. 2017, son of JDH JJD 9Y 485T 96B with EPDs of:CED -8.2 BW 4.4 WW 61 YW 98 Milk 22 was also a member of the Denver Carload sold to Harvie Ranching Limited/RSK Farms and Brost Land & Cattle for $40,000.

Lot 53, H Advance 7460 ET, a March 2017, son of HH Advance 4075B ET with EPDs of:CED 2.4 BW 3.8 WW 57 YW 91 Milk 29 sold to Frederickson Ranch and XA Cattle for $25,000.

Lot 108, H Hometown 657 ET, an Aug. 2016 son of NJW 735 Hometown 10Y ET with EPDs of: CED 2.2 BW 2.8 WW 60 YW 100 Milk 30 sold to Pelton Polled Herefords and Topp Herefords for $20,000

The top selling Angus bull on the day was lot 200, Hoffman Top Shelf 7018, a Jan. 2017, son of Ellingson Top Shelf 5050 with EPDs of: CED 9 BW 0.7 WW 69 YW 115 Milk 26 selling to Knox Brothers Land & Cattle for $24,000.