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Jacobson Red Angus Annual Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: May 12, 2020

Location: Jacobson Red Angus, Ranch Hitterdal,MN

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


57 Red Angus Bulls – $,3876

Beautiful sunny day for the Jacobson Red Angus Bull Sale

Lot 3 at 20,000 Jacobson Mechanic 9118, Dob 2-8-2019, Reg 4134106, 5 L craftsman 2393-13C v Jacobson Sadie 7122, sold to Prairie Red Angus, MN.

Lot 67 at $6,750, Jacobson Deep Pockets 6006, Dob 1-25-2019, Reg 4134220, KF Rito 3115 x Jacobson Elsa 7003, sold to Prairie Red Angus, MN

Lot 4 at $6,500, Jacobson Real One 9073, Dob 2-3-2019, Reg 4134118, 5 L The Real Deal 1687-146B x Jacobson Queen 7261, sold to Andrew Dale, SD

Lot 5 at $5,750, Jacobson Valid 9077, Dob 2-4-2019, Reg, 4134166, 5L The Real Deal x Jacobson Kima 7165, sold to Jack Bickle, SD.

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