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Jamison Quarter Horses 14th Breeders & Ranchers Production Sale

Date: October 6, 2017

Location: Quinter, Kansas

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar


31 Ranch Geldings – $7,524

7 Saddle Mares – 4,214

9 Broodmares – 1,650

52 2017 Foals – 2,089

2 Ponies – 2,250

The Jamison Ranch of Kansas is a family livestock enterprise that has built a longtime reputation as a premier beef cattle industry Hereford seedstock breeding herd and one of AQHA’s well respected ranch horse programs. The equine breeding and training program features Sun Frost, Driftwood and Hancock performance bred horses from the heart of their western Kansas big ranch country. They headline a powerful Sun Frost, Driftwood, Three Jay Colonel and Blue Valentine stallion battery. The JA broodmares are anchored by a Tesquesquite Ranch bred Capitol Letters, Great Pine, Doc’s J Jay foundation and the largest band of South Dakota rope horse sire Wilywood daughters and granddaughters in the country.

Jamison’s presented their 14th annual Breeders & Ranchers Quarter Horse Production Sale at ranch headquarters, Quinter, Kan., a two day Performance Preview – Sale event that gathered a crowd of ranchers, breeders and arena competitors from 23 states across the U.S. Highlighting the event were a top set of ranch horses, started performance prospects and standout 2017 foals.

One of Jamison’s most successful marketing efforts to date, this was a fast paced sale that saw horsemen competing to invest in the quality, performance, bloodlines and integrity that are trademarks of this family’s longtime commitment to breeding great ranch horses and outstanding Line One Hereford cattle.

Ranch Geldings

$16,000 – JA Trigger, 2011 unregistered Palomino gelding. Buyer – Knipp Ranch, Arizona.

$15,000 – JA Wily Valentine, 2010 Dun Roan gelding sired by Roan Bar Valentine. Buyer – Knipp Ranch

$13,750 – JA Smokin Roan, 2013 Bay Roan gelding sired by Roan Bar Valentine. Buyer – Knipp Ranch

$12,500 – JA Wily Nightrain, 2008 Dun Gelding sired by TR Special Drift. Buyer – Knipp Ranch

$12,250 – JA Señor Peppy, 2013 Bay gelding sired by PC Frost Em Peppy. Buyer – McCrea Farms, Missouri.

$12,000 – JA Frostem Oaks, 2010 Buckskin gelding by PC Frost Em Peppy. Buyer – Knipp Ranch

$10,250 – JA Colonel Rain, 2014 Sorrel gelding sired by JA Colonel Frostood. Buyer – Worden Ranch, Texas.

$10,250 – JA Rooster Sunfrost, 2008 Bay gelding sired by PC Citizen Cline. Buyer – Steve Blank, Nebraska.

$10,000 – JA Cajun Sun, 2006 Red Dun gelding sired by PC Dox Cajun. Buyer – Joe Coffman, Texas.

$9,500 – JA Driftin Allen, 2014 Palomino gelding sired by High Drifting Gold. Buyer – Delaney Livestock, Missouri.

Saddle Mares

$6,000 – ANJS Miss Spiffy, 2010 Red Roan mare sired by Tenacious Jackie. Buyer – Oleen Bros., Kansas.

2017 Stud Colts

$3,900 PC Citisun Cline Palomino colt. Buyer – Steve Long, Oklahoma.

$3,500 Four For Tee Blue Roan colt. Buyer – Joni Knox, Colonel.

$3,400 PC Frost Em Peppy Dun colt. Buyer – Fritz Ranch, Nebraska.

$3,300 JA Colonel Frostwood Dun colt. Buyer – Omega Farms, Florida.

$3,000 PC Frost Em Peppy Sorrel colt. Buyer – Slash T Ranch, Colorado.

$3,000 PC Frost Em Peppy Dun Roan colt. Buyer – Fritz Ranch, Nebraska.

$2,800 JA Colonel Frostwood Sorrel colt. Buyer – Collins Land & Cattle, Kansas.

2017 Fillies

$20,000 JA Citizen Cline Buckskin dgtr. Buyer – Tulpecreek Farms, Pennsylvania.

$2250 Four For Tee Brown filly dgtr. Buyer – Chapman-Armstrong, Colorado.

Santa Fe Ranch…Started 3-yr-old prospects.

$5,500 Rooster Riata, Rooster Dox Frost 2014 Buckskin mare. Buyer – Mackenzie Ranch, Oregon.

$5,000 Vaqueros Sunset, Gallo Vaquero 2014 Bay mare. Buyer – Lorena Hight, South Dakota

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