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JC Heiken Angus & Sons 13th Annual Production Sale

Repeat buyer Josh Graff, Olive, Montana, along with several other buyers study the bulls.

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Feb. 25, 2020

Location: Miles City Livestock Commission, Miles City, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


128 Bulls – $5,998

It was a beautiful spring day for the 13th Annual JC Heiken Angus & Sons Production Sale, Tuesday February 25, 2020, in Miles City, Montana. The family has ranched near Broadview, Montana for four generations and has quickly become one of the most recognized names in the Angus breed. The bulls are developed in large pens that ensure plenty of exercise, sound feet and are delivered ready to go to work and backed with a guarantee. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 5 at $85,000, JCH BHA SPUR 9012, DOB 1/20/19, Vermilion Spur E119 x JCH BHA Karen 7815, Sold to ABS Global, DeForest, Wisconsin

Lot 19 at $19,500, JCH J&K ACCLAIM 9013, DOB 1/20/19, Jindra Acclaim x JCH J&K Polly 7604, Sold to Hamilton Farms, Cochrane, Alberta, CN

Lot 2 at $11,000, JCH LOGO 9023, DOB 1/22/19, Sitz Logo 12964 x JCH Pride 7403, Sold to Cross W Cattle Co. Ekalaka, Montana

Lot 3 at $11,000, JCH J&K LOGO 9026, DOB 1/23/19, Sitz Logo 12964 x JCH J&K Polly 9201, Sold to Peter Davidson, Burlington, Wyoming

Lot 1 at $10,000, JCH LOGO 9006, DOB 1/20/19, Sitz Logo 12964 x JCH Beauty 7101, Sold to Robert Berger, Spalding, Nebraska

Lot 9 at $10,000, JCH J&K LOGO 9532, DOB 2/18/19, Sitz Logo 12964 x JCH J&K Polly 2612, Sold to SHB Angus, Reardon, Washington

Lot 18 at $10,000, JCH HKN LOGO 9183, DOB 2/18/19, Sitz Logo 12964 x JCH HKN Rachel 6722, Sold to Robert Krohn, Wausa, Nebraska.