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JC Heiken Angus & Sons

Heiken Bulls

TSLN Reps: Matt Wznick, Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 26, 2019

Location: Miles City Livestock Commission, Miles City, Montana

Auctioneer: Colonel Joe Goggins


128 Angus Bulls – $4,715

The seats were filled with customers for the 12th Annual JC Heiken Angus & Sons Production Sale Feb. 26, 2019 at Miles City Livestock Commission in Miles City, Montana. Buyers were anxious for the opportunity to purchase cattle featuring genetics from some of the nation’s leading sires from a family run operation. Congratulations to the Heikens on a great sale!

Lot #10 at $14,500, JCH LOGO 8077, DOB 2/4/18, REG#19169194, SITZ LOGO 12964 x JCH ERISKAY 6196, sold to Quad Five from Rygate, Montana

Lot #3 at $14,000, JCH LOGO 8017, DOB 1/25/18, REG#19113713, SITZ LOGO 12964 x JCH BEAUTY 6267, sold to Brad Boner from Glen Rock, Wyoming

Lot #37 at $13,500, JCH TOP SEED 8111, DOB 2/09/18, REG#19113667, SITZ TOP SEED 539X x JCH BEAUTY 3069, sold to Cross W Livestock from Ekalaka, Montana

Lot #1 at $12,000, JCH HKN LOGO 8170, DOB 2/18/18, REG#19217694, SITZ LOGO 12964 x JCH HKN BEAUTY 1701, sold to Vermilion Ranch from Billings, Montana

Lot #52 at $10,500, JCH LOGO 8023, DOB 1/25/18, REG#19089478, SITZ LOGO 12964 x JCH EOLA 6464, sold to Brad Boner, from Glen Rock, Wyoming