Jenson Ranch Annual Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek

Date: Mar. 3, 2022

Location: Faith Livestock Auction

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar


97 yrlg Angus and Balancer Bulls – $4,778

A very good second year for the Jenson family! Jace and Kami Jenson are a very enthusiastic young family in the seedstock business. The Jenson Ranch is west of Faith, near Ralph, South Dakota.

The crowd was large and demand stayed strong all day. New buyers were on hand, as well as some customers from the former Dave Lensegrav program. This was an outstanding set of bulls from top to bottom.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 75: $10,500 to Ken Lensegrav, Kyle, South Dakota – 87 DL (Baldridge Isabel Y69) x LEN 10 (Angus x Gelb – homo black)

Lot 91: $8,500 to Wolff Cattle Co., Spearfish, South Dakota – Scout (LEN 265E-50) x LEN 111 (Angus x Gelb – hetero black)

Lot 92: $8,000 to Randy McQueen, White Lake, South Dakota – Scout (LEN 265E-50) x Spruce Hill Merit (Angus x Gelb x Simm – homo black)

Lot 94: $8,000 to Doug Gardner, Hammond, Montana – Scout (LEN 265E-50) x LEN 66B (Angus x Gelbvieh – hetero black)

Lot 35: $7,500 to Ken Lensegrav, Kyle, South Dakota – LEN Visionary 28 (Angus x Gelbvieh – homo black)

Lee Brooks, Dupree, South Dakota, bought Lot 24.
Earl and Toby Maier, Faith, South Dakota, bought four bulls.

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