Johnson-Rose Angus’ 45th Annual Genetic Advantage Bull Sale |

Johnson-Rose Angus’ 45th Annual Genetic Advantage Bull Sale

Mark and Marcia Lermeny, Reva, South Dakota, bought four bulls.

Date: Feb. 25, 2017

Location: Mobridge Livestock Market

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


98 yrlg Angus bulls – $4,133

5 older Angus bulls – $3,400

A big crowd gathered to evaluate the Angus bulls from this north central South Dakota herd. Johnson-Rose Angus Ranch, owned by Stuart Johnson and his family, along with Clint and Bonnie Rose, and Bailey Johnson, brought another top set of bulls to Mobridge Livestock for their 45th annual bull sale.

This ranch is based on grass production that is harvested through Angus cattle. The breeding program is about cattle that thrive on grass.

This firm places a lot of emphasis on maternal genetics, and this truly shows up in their cow herd. They are big-middled cows that have good dispositions. They produce bull calves without any creep.

The sires for this year’s sale included Cole Creek Cedar Ridge IV, Sitz Dash, Connealy Comrade, Coleman Charlo, Soo Line Motive, Coleman Knight, Missing Link, SAV Resource, and Stevenson Rockmount.

This was a fast-paced sale with many repeat buyers on hand.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 11, going for $9,500 to Brian and Craig Worth from Gettysburg, South Dakota. He was a son of Stevenson Rockmount, and out of a first calf heifer who was a granddaughter of BJJ GI Joe. Born at 71 pounds, he weaned at 709 pounds. This three dimensional bull was backed by maternal performance, and recommended for heifers.

Another popular bull was Lot 33, a son of SAV Resource. Colin Milliken, Timber Lake, South Dakota, gave the final nod at $8,250 to become the new owner of this quality bull. Out of a daughter of TC Gridiron 258, he entered the world at 84 pounds and weaned at 760 pounds.

Lot 41 sold for $7,750 to Ben Bieber from Trail City, South Dakota. He was a son of STJ Classic 1, going back to Rito 6I6. He was born at 83 pounds. Out of a daughter of Genetics by Design 049, and weaning at 842 pounds, he had the heaviest weaning weight in the sale.

Lots 9 and 18 both sold to Brian and Craig Worth, Gettysburg, South Dakota. Lot 9 sold for $7,500. He was a son of Sitz Dash and out of a S Chisum 6175 daughter. With a 71 pound birth weight, he grew well on his mother, weaning at 722 pounds. He would be recommended for heifers.

Lot 18 brought $7,250, and was a son of Genetics by Design 049. Born at 80 pounds, this bull was out of a daughter of Cole Creek Cedar Ridge, and weaned at 774 pounds. Here was another heifer bull that would add performance and growth to his calves.

This was a very good sale for this longtime Angus herd. Their presale lunch was delicious, and really hit the spot. F

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