Jorgensen Land & Cattle “Motherlode” Angus Female Sale |

Jorgensen Land & Cattle “Motherlode” Angus Female Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: Sept. 17, 2022

Location: Sale held at the farm, Ideal, SD

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs and Joe Goggins


186 Registered Angus Females – $5,114

It has been 10 years since Jorgensen Land & Cattle hosted a female sale. When this outfit does something, they do it right. This sale shared a cross section of ages and some of the best genetics not only in the Jorgensen cowherd but the Angus breed. Stacked generations of proven donor cows, running age cows, bred heifers and front pasture heifer calves highlighted the sale. Many of the females selling have achieved Pathfinder status in the Angus breed.

Topping the sale was at $50,000 to Voss Angus, IA was lot 1, Ideal 3020 of SE 6X7 Lady, 2/2013 daughter of Sinclair Extravagant 6X7, dam of Ideal Encore of 9524 Lady, the record valued high selling bull ever produced at Jorgensen Land & Cattle.

Lot 59, Ideal 5123 of RES Marjorie, 2/2015 daughter of SAV Resource 1441 bred to Ideal All Pro to ZWT Ranch, TN for $23,000.

Lot 148, Ideal 9505 of 5570 7104, 1/2009 daughter of Ideal 5570 of 0452 0534 sold to Allen Creek Ranch at $20,000.

Lot 150, Ideal 5136 of RES Belle, 3/2015 daughter of SAV Resource 1441 sold to Sherman Sampson, IA for $17,500.

Three females sold at $16,000 each:

Lot 1A and 1B are both Feb, 2022 daughters of the lot 1 donor cow, Ideal 3020 of SE 6X7 Lady. 1A is sired by Ideal 9524 of 5570 6809 and 1B is sired by SAV Resource 1441, both selling to Voss Angus, IA. Lot 31, Ideal 6077 of 3751 Jilt, 3/2016 daughter of Ideal 3751 of 9774 Enchanter sold to White Heren Farm, Clinton, MS.

Ideal 3020 of SE 6X7 Lady, the dam of the $225,000 valued Ideal Encore of 9524 Lady topped the Jorgensen Land & Cattle "Motherlode" Angus Female sale at $50,000.
The seats were full for the Jorgensen Land & Cattle "Motherlode" Female sale.
Lot 59, Ideal 5123 of RES Marjorie sold at the Jorgensen Land & Cattle "Motherlode" sale for $23,000.


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