Keller Broken Heart Ranch – Black and Red Simmentals and Sim Angus |

Keller Broken Heart Ranch – Black and Red Simmentals and Sim Angus

Date: March 9

Location: Kist Livestock, Mandan, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Tracy Harl

Reported by: Chris Effling


65 bulls – $4,804

84 females – $2,254

The Keller crew – Dwight, Luke and Jake held their annual Simmental, Sim Angus sale with a good offering of growthy long, thick and meaty bulls as well as some eye-catching red and black females.

These cattle are ready to work, having been born and raised in the rough ranch country south of Mandan.

With the state veterinarian in the family, you can be assured this outfit keeps up a good health program for their cattle.

Lot 153, $20,000, Hinton Ranch, Klamath Falls, Oregon. This homozygous black, homozygous polled purebed sired by CDI Journey and out of an All In female boasts a below breed average BW EPD of 1.7, along with WW 82 and YW 131, placing him in the top one percent of the breed. He figured up a130 API and his paperwork reported an 89 pound BW, 800 pound WW and 1,492 YW.

Lot 122, $9,500, Troy Wheller, Helena, Montana. This homozygous black, homozygous polled purebred, Journey son out of a DS 10 J 303 daughter was in the top three percent of breed for weaning weight. Here are his EPDs – BW 1.6, WW 76.5, YW 118. Some of his actual numbers are 123 API, 95 pound BW, 718 WW, 1,451 YW.

Lot 162, $8,500 to Dwayne Scherr, Moffitt, North Dakota. A homozygous polled, red purebred, this Hook’s Zigzag son out of a Real Red daughter showed outstanding performance. His WW was 830 pounds, YW 1,481 pounds.

Lot 184, $7,500 to Dwayne Scherr. A red homozygous polled three-fourths blood simmintal, this Iditarod son out of a Field Day daughter had an impressive set of statistics. Here are his EPDs – .7 BW, 84 WW, 131 YW, 135 API. He started at 95 pounds, then posted a 755 pound weaning weight and 1,499 pound yearling weight.

High selling heifer

Lot 209, $3,500 to David Bergquift, Turtle Lake, North Dakota. She was a black polled purebred daughter of 45U and out of a Network dam.

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