Keller Broken Heart Ranch Simmental Sale |

Keller Broken Heart Ranch Simmental Sale

Greg Berg & David Grommesch, Barnsville, Minnesota.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 7, 2019

Location: at the ranch in Mandan, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Tracy Harl


71 Simmental Bulls – $3932

80 Simmental Heifers – $1689

Sale Highlights

Lot #5 at $18,000, F151, Dob 3-22-2018, Reg 3499731, Hooks Deacon x Bar CkK MS X 38 106Z, sold to All Beef, Normal, Illinois.

Lot #81 at $6,750, FO78, Dob 3-21-2018, Reg 3499702, sold to Berry Slayton West Plains, Missouri.

Lot #2 at $6,000, FO87, Dob 3-18-2018, Reg 3499667, Hooks Beacon 56B x KBHR B055, sold to Mike Stavick, Veblen, South Dakota.

Lot #36 at $6,000, F138, Dob 22018, Reg 4399718, KBHE TBEF Deluxe D001 x Y21, David Grommesch, Barnsville, Minnesota.

Lot #46 at $5,500, F183, Dob 3-24-2018, Reg 3499763, GAR Prophet x KBHR COO2, sold to David Grommesch, Barnsville, Minnesota.

Top selling Heifer

Lot #109 at $3,200, F299, Dob 3-20-2018, Reg 3499686, CCR Gravity 9064A x KBHR B120, sold to Martin Farms, Lyles, Tennessee.

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