L bar W Cattle Company ‘The Pinnacle of Hereford Genetics’ 5th Annual Production Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: March 5, 2021


Location: At the Ranch-Absarokee, Montana

Auctioneer: Justin Stout


42 Yearling Hereford Bulls – $4,518

15 Two-Year-Old Hereford Bulls – $4,410

13 Registered Bred Hereford Heifers – $2,662


Warm weather and sunshine were on order March 5, 2021 for the fifth Annual L Bar W Cattle Company Production Sale. The Walen and Loyning families have worked hard to quickly build a reputation for offering some of the best Hereford genetics in the breed to their customers. L Bar W is committed to not only offering great cattle but great customer service. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 32 at $20,000, LW 8094 BH DOMINO 084H ET, DOB 2/11/20, C CJC BELLE HEIR x CL1 DOMINETTE 1116Y, Sold to Bowling Ranch, New Kirk, Oklahoma.

Lot 27 at $13,500, LW 7131 DOMINO 075H ET, DOB 2/8/20, CL 1 DOMINO 7131E 1ET x MONTANA MISS 1179Y, Sold to Bowling Ranch, New Kirk, Oklahoma.

Lot 9 at $8,250, LW 776 DOMINO 014H, DOB 1/12/20, CL 1 DOMINO 776E 1ET x CHURCHILL LADY 443B, Sold to 3210 Angus, Columbus, Montana.

Lot 10 at $7,250, LW 776 DOMINO 021H ET, DOB 1/13/20, CL 1 DOMINO 776E 1ET x MONTANA MISS 1179Y, Sold to W6 Herefords, Tulare, California.

Lot 59 at $7,000, LW 402 DOMINO 9100G, DOB 4/4/19, CL 1 DOMINO 402B x HH MISS ADVANCE 1072Y ET, Sold to Cooper Hereford Ranch, Willow Creek, Montana

High Selling Registered Bred Heifer:

Lot 67 at $3,700, LW 5006 MISS ADVANCE 969G, DOB 2/24/19, HH ADVANCE 5006C ET x LF DOMINETTE 6004D ET, Safe in calf to CL 1 Domino 8138F, Sold to Oleen Bros. Dwight, Kansas.

Customers visiting prior to the start of the sale.


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